Why FK Muse?

The Girl And This Blog

I wanted to do this project just to see who'd be interested in getting stories written. That, and I really enjoy writing stories for other people. Plus, iwannafkmuse.com just sounds cool! Some of you may read my column at Bombshells & Rockstats Tuesday Sublime Please enjoy more of me.
(now defunt. but its where I started.)
This is the more playful, submissive side of me! It's part of what I like about writing stories for other people, it's like getting directions. I like writing custom pieces, that's not to say I don't like writing longer work, like novels.
I do!
There's just something about a brief erotic encounter no one can resist. Why go through finding someone, seducing them, risking complications..When you could have a smutty tryst with Muse of Twitter?
So, email of tweet your story requests!

Free stories are posted once a month (or more), and paid stories are delivered a week after ordered. I love to write stories, you put me to the test!

I'm also writing Wildlife and Illuminated Slave here!