Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Meow Baby

Masks, we all wear them, even if we don't admit it. Sometimes we've simply forgotten who are or rather wanted to be. I wanted to be a burlesque performer, now I'm not sure what I am. Hidden erotica writer?

Sleepy glitter child poet?

Neo horror host run amuck?

I've done it both ways darling.

No one ever notices me in my normal girl clothes. I just look like any other punky girl. I just grew up this up this way, I can’t help how I am or change, believe me I’ve tried.

Its not until I put on kitty ears I really shine. (I write in a Catwoman mask did you know that?) It’s a secret I keep to myself, until now. It’s getting harder for me to keep it to myself. I no longer like to play by myself.

I was a good girl my first time.

As a cat girl.

Sometimes I’m convinced it’s the only time I can be good. I wish I could be good all the time. Would you let me be your kitty sometime?

I may be difficult but I promise I will be the easiest difficult thing you've ever loved. Besides, you can try to make behave right?