Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Life in a Dream

I have a secret, the thing about secrets though is you itch until you share them. You burn, and with something like this, I could set the world on fire. I have to share, it's been months of trying to be good. I even broke my new years goal, to avoid temptation,to stop teasing myself. Blondie sings in French. Debbie Harry also says dreaming is free. Call me a dreamy girl because I dream naughty little dreams.

Dreams about you, the best ones anyway.

This is my dream. You typing away telling a story. Me, nude in your bed mentally cataloging one for later. I’ll write the tale of our passion after it’s cooled between my legs.

Before it heats up in your eyes again. There’s always that calm before the moans and the screaming start up again. You fuck me as though I keep you caged, maybe I do. Like you do to me. Semantics, let us just enjoy the ride. Live my nightly dream with me.

You can take me softly with kisses, or roughly gripping at my flesh. Making me cry out for you in the darkness.

"Who do you belong to?" You whisper in my in ear.


We both know the answer to that. You will always have a indelible place in heart. It's been that way since we first met.