Friday, December 20, 2013

The Cool and The Creepy

Lately I've been staying away from my usual erotica. (Not away, just exploring other things.) Darker things. I've always been a little creepy girl, this is just going back to my roots I guess. My "dark place" if you will. I'm exploring the depth in the static. Things, other than what we know, are out there. It may have started with one show, but I believe there are others. I blame Red Phone Box for piquing my interest. Renewing my faith in myself. I've been making little movies on youtube. To help me make sense of things that have been happening. Maybe not directly, but it's been helping me give voice to the things that scare me and have always scared me. I want to thank the one friend who knows and has an understanding of my wall and a map of the darkness.