Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wildlife: Sketch: Bent


I hated them.

After break doubly so, I just needed to relax. My brain was always set on relax these days, or at least it looked that way. It didn't always feel that way, it felt like chaos underneath but I kept a brave face. It's my thing.

I liked learning, but I hated going to class. I loved being smart and right too. I couldn't see away around it. Plus I liked the girls too. The complicated balls of sunshine they might be, the closer we got the more comfortable I felt.

I felt nervous about it too.

Somehow, things were never this safe, were they?

Today I didn't feel like going to class at all. Cas was crying all night. Bunny girl didn't exactly look up at to it either. She blinked lazily at me, and pulled the blanket up.

"Hey Sketch, can we skip school?" She whispered.
"Yeah, sure, Cas is probably going to go." I said yawing.
"I don't care." Rabbit said sulkily. She kissed along my side before reaching my lips. Her way of being always made me smile, she was like a rabbit truly. I loved that about her. That and she seemed to really like me.