Tuesday, October 8, 2013


"I wanna defy the logic of our sex laws."

Wicked I'm very wicked. I don't know how to be anything else. Well, maybe a ballerina, but you'd have to know me to know if that were true. I'm a music person, I live for music. So, anything is possible.

I am that girl, dark sunglasses in heart shape of course. Headphones on, you can block out my world. I am still and focused on the sensation you provide. Laying prone in your bed I wait. My heart pounding faster.

Your hands roll me over on my side, and pull me up to my knees. I feel the rope coiling around my knees, pulling tighter. You know how to make me nervous, make me sweat, and ache. It's a dark smokey feeling, one you can never share except with certain people.

The one who breathes our smoke right now.

You breathe me in deeply, I can feel it here and now. Pulsating music like you taking me to places only we can go. Your words bring me to places in my own darkness I never thought possible. I'm happiest when I'm centered, and I'm centered here. You keep me going pushing harder, your fingers open my lips. I feel your cock caress my lips and I suck loosely at first. Guided by my instinct its harder but, I get my bearings, gagging softly,coughing up spit covering my chin.

"Good little girl." You whisper to me. Making me blush.
You start to tilt my head back.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Lacie blinked her sleepy eyes and rolled on her belly picking his hat off the floor and putting on her head.
"Do I look good?" she asked him giggling. He cracked a smile looking at the naked girl.
"Yes." He said slapping her bum.
Lacie was warmed by that. But still the nerves were fraying. Ah, well best to get up. Hatter offered to come with, but no. Last thing she needed is to appear like she couldn't go anywhere without him. So she went to a bright red tent.

She could hear bickering from outside. Against her better judgment she called "hello!" "Come in missus Hatter."
"I am not...” she started
"You are." Said a woman who smiled like it hurt.
"You must be Red." Lacie thought better than to argue
"No! I am Heart." She scoffed.
"I am Red" called a soft voice behind Heart. Lacie walked around.
"Please forgive my sister." Red and Heart were Siamese twins.
"You're imaginary," barked Heart.
"Then how come I have a guest?" "Good question." They waited for Lacie to answer.