Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sudden Impact

The lights on the bus were blue. I remember thinking that wasn't right. 20 seconds later we were driving off the road. Things hurt. Then, not so much. I heard him through the music and screaming. I was falling down. It seemed too far this time. I was falling. My heart beat faster. What was happening to me? Very possibly nothing... Yes, breathe. Still, what if he wasn't there? I closed my eyes. The pull, it took me where I needed to go. I fell, landing on him, "Oh, I told you I'd always catch you." He smiled, happy to see Lacie again. His hand caressed her cheek. He could see something had changed. He kissed her slowly. Hatter looked worried. Lacie's dress was on fire. He rolled her into the damp grass. "I knew you were hot." He said hoping a joke would distract her. He couldn't tell why she'd fallen from the sky nor why she was on fire. She's got the same doe eyes. Her lips seem redder, but what? What was different? He kissed her forehead. She kissed his chin giggling. "Get off they'll talk." Lacie said. "They can't it’s my circus, they live in it" he laughed. Lacie felt different. Her tummy was doing flips. She tried to remain calm. She reached out for his hand as they walked to his caravan She's offering herself to the Hatter before he can close the door. Maybe to hide her fear. Maybe because she needs him. The dull ache of need is taking her over. Being near him makes her lose control. She should not do or say certain things but here she was. Kneeling before him, her face looked serene. Suddenly faced looking at each other "Go on" he urged. So, she did leaving him to think. God. There's…oh…Hatter's thoughts were less than worried for a moment. She did that for him. It made him shiver. He wanted more. All of the sudden. It hit him. She no longer felt as if she could be pulled away. Woken up. She was pressed between the worlds like a flower in a book. Though The Hatter watching her sleep. Something he'd never done. Lacie looked smaller like a bunny faced girl. He'd have a mask made. Hatter kissed her forehead and thought about what luck he had. Lacie wasn't really sleeping she wanted him to promise it'd be okay. To make her do something. Anything but sleep. Sleep would be too honest. Lacie nuzzled herself into him. This is what I want. She thought.