Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dreaming of Him

When she's awake she missed him, her Hatter. She stumbled she's clumsy. The endless waking hours. She felt lucky to know a secret. Shelving away books, other peoples lives. She began to wonder if she was just dreaming. That beautiful place, and him. “Is Wonderlandia a real place? Was I really going somewhere? When I performed nightly? “She thought Lacie was certain she loved him. Even if it was all dreams. He was perfect. His smile. The way he'd come at right moment no sooner. Lacie was certain she loved him. Even if it was all dreams. He was perfect. His smile. The way he'd come at right moment no sooner. She turned his face towards her. Kissing his smirky lips. He tasted of starlight. Stolen moments, and truth. He made her better and for that she was lucky. Then just like that, she woke alone in her bed. Time to be a normal girl, in the city. Still she knew he was there with her. All the time, no question. Lacie lived when she slept. Dreaming was real. The Hatter loved her it was simple. She was amazing. The lengths her act would go too. One night poetry in birdcage. The next, a daring tightrope. Still the next, swimming in absinthe. She was doing these things in this magical place. She could do them all in the real world, but no one cared. Circuses barely existed here. Lacie much preferred a world where Circuses thrived and The Hatter existed and she could be special. She was a happy dreamer.

“I was his in dreams or awake. He was my Hatter. I would do anything to get him back to me. “ She says falling asleep.

Lacie came to him in a dream. Rushing to him with kisses that made her lips hurt. It'd been weeks since she let herself come here. She could deprive herself no more. Pressed against Hatter's body she could relax. The need in his eyes spoke volumes to her. She thinks She is dreaming as as she falls into his arms star maps tattooed arms. They blaze in the candle light. "You've returned." He says.

"I love you Sir." I say sighing, I trace the stars. "I will always be with you even when I am not" I smile up at him. Looking into his eyes.

He looked surprised by my answer and then he kissed me. Catching my lips. Making me know his secrets, I shared mine. I wanted him to know. She kissed every scar and star on him. He stood like a God before her. It made her tremble and mewl like a kitten. He made her heart beat. He made wicked words fall from her lips. He made her want to be a bad little girl. She whispered her secret to him. Hatter held onto her the star maps on his arm glowed as his hands moved to dig his nails into her thighs. She howled into the night.

Wildlife: Rabbit: Sleeps Tonight

Traffic chugged and sighed outside the big windows. I loved it, it lulled me to sleep. I was used to the sound. It painted my dreams, and lived inside my head. Beep, Beep goes the Taxi, sleep sleep does the Rabbit.

I pulled myself closer to Sketch, he sleepily wrapped his arm around me. I could tell Cass was already gone, I didn't care I was just too sleepy. I heard her talking somewhere in the apartment it mixed into my dream. I through my leg over his.

I was writing what she was saying.

"I miss you."

"When are you coming back?"

...who was missing? I was right here.

Sketch didn't get any less sexy to me. We all sat quietly eating breakfast at the kitchen table. I couldn't help but stare at him, his skin was so beautiful and soft, I wanted to melt into him. I was getting wet just thinking about it. I squeezed my thighs together.

"You okay?" He asked with a grin, he knew full well. That naughty boy.

"Yes, just thinking." I said with a smirk.

"I'll bet." He said licking oatmeal off his spoon. He knew how to make me shiver. He was watching me closely. I squirmed. Cassette just giggled at us, she was watching with glee and fascination. The way she watched us made me feel dirty at first but, I liked it.

Knowing she was there. Eager eyes drinking the sight of us in, made me quiver. The way she'd never really touch us but, only sometimes when we were absolutely ready for it. Her timing was exquisite, she knew when.

The exact second.

No sooner.