Monday, May 27, 2013

Wildlife: Aether: Avalon

I was feeling blue.

My room was dark, I was leaving the lights off on purpose. Roxy Music playing on my speakers, I loved Byran Ferry's voice. I shivered over my skin. I was eating cinnamon hearts, letting them melt in my mouth. I would not cry, the red velvet panties and bra I wearing dared me not too. I wiped my eyes, and smudged my eyeliner a little.

I missed him, and I hated myself for it.

I was not one of those girls, I was cool, I was nice and relaxed. I could just be alone, except now. I wanted Chaotic, and all that he entailed. He made me feel alive, and trust me I knew what the opposite was like, I shivered. My life, made feeling alive a very precious thing.

He wasn't the boy in dreams but, he was really real. I could kiss him when he was here, I wouldn't trade that. Who cares if he didn't really want a girlfriend? I'd still be good to him. I was just that kind of a girl, I liked him, he made me cum, it was a good thing.

I pulled on my blue dress over my head. I looked really nice, almost, sweet like an old sixties cartoon. Tonight, I was going out, no sense in staying home with my mom. She was being unusually grumpy, even for her. I couldn't quite understand it, we were always fighting. Nothing could stop us, not my brother or my aunt. I just wanted a break.

I just couldn't stand it anymore. So, here I was leaving home, creeping down the fire escape. I smiled as I headed out in the early dusk.

Whispers hit my ears as soon as I left the house, I pushed them back thinking of the naughtiest thoughts I had. Cassette kissing me in the bathrooms at school, pulling my panties down. Chaotic bending me over his knee and spanking me in their living room. Billy Finnebaum fingering me in the eighth grade, all of it, none of it was keeping the whispers away. My heart was beating in time with my tightly clenching pussy.

I hopped on the hopped the M5 and found a seat. Sitting seemed like a great idea right about now. The bus rumbled underneath me, and we sped off, I was excited and hopeful. Nights like this seemed, amazing, the glitter party sounded cool. Really my kind of thing, I wanted to join the show myself, I wondered if I could. I did have theater experience after all, maybe that would get me out of mom's house, I couldn't keep it up.

Dreams, we all needed dreams.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wildlife: Chaotic: Neverland

It was nice to be home. Well, not home, in my city. Laying in a hotel bed, at least it was a really posh hotel. I wished Charlotte still kept our house but, she didn't consult me at all. She would however pay for me to fly home twice a year.

So, I guess that was nice. I still didn't like her very much at all, even if she was my mum.

I had issues, I didn't kid myself. I missed Aether, her lovely face. She'd love it here. I had to come alone though, there was no choice. Aether was beautiful, sullen with her sooty eyes and pouty lips. She filled a room with her cracking energy. When we first met I found her to annoying, perhaps a little pushy.

Now alone in my hotel room I missed it, the way she'd only just cuddle. I never wanted a cuddle before. Cassette and Aether were changing me. I sort of hated that.

Girls will teach you empathy even if you don't want them too. Even if you beg them not too with lots of cursing and thinly veiled threats. Her skin was too pale, I closed my eyes and traced the map of her veins in my mind. It was always slightly cool to the touch, she always wanted to be close for warmth. I smiled and shifted a bit. Her lips were full, and twitched when she wanted to be kissed, like a horny little bunny.

Her breasts were damn near perfect.

She was a budding goddess and she didn't even know it. Even if she did, she wouldn't care. It wasn't her style. Aether read books and worried about things, not my usual fuck fare. I wondered if it was because she was my sister's friend or if there was more to it.

Here now with my hand around my cock I honestly didn't care. She was lovely. I wanted her mouth around my cock and sucking me. She was divine at that task, her delicate mouth was too much. She wasn't too quick to do that, she made work for it, no other I know did that. She made me work for it, in a good way. It was a good thing for me, I think it made me a better person.

I pumped my fist faster and harder, thinking of her voice talking to me, telling me I was a bad boy but she loved me anyway. What a good girl!

Was I in love?

I came so hard the room spun, it was making me panic my heart was beating too fast. Damnit that girl was amazing and she didn't even know she was in my head.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pixel Slut

Laying alone she reads to herself. The words, she knows well. They keep her safe, she lets herself feel that. She feels him, like a angel watching over her. You shouldn’t think of angels like this little girl. Maybe if she buries her legs under the covers. Her hand slides over her belly, she lets herself imagine him thinking of her. What things would he like to see?

The ever growing wet patch on her pink pants? What’s underneath, the quivering thing of heart shaped need. She dreams of him quenching both their need just for once. She wanted him to just let go and be with her in the moment.

All the moments they could have together. Stolen, quiet and passionate. The thought made her feel giddy, she wondered how the actual deed would make her feel. Loved, lovely she was absolutely sure of that. She wanted a man who made magic. He was magic, even he couldn’t see it. She did. He was her vibrant violet light she found him delightful even in the darkness that painted their lives. This is how she saw him. His words created sparks in heart. Sparks that made her into a verbose firefly. Sent her off into outer space. Tripping amongst the stars, and kissing sleeping dreamers. He set her free like no one else could because he understood.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Wildlife: Shrines & Sex Gods

The lights seemed brighter as they made their way down the street, the girls held hands and skipped ahead giggling. Sketch smiled this was his life, coming to an apartment that wasn't his with two girls. Could he be so lucky?


"True magic happens, when you weren't expecting it, it happens in street lights and under full moons. When you are thinking of her skin and laughter and looking at her beautiful ass wiggling before and knowing she's yours." He thought walking along behind them.

Cassette and Chaotic's brownstone was like nothing Rabbit had ever seen, well maybe on television. It was beautiful, the poster of Sid Viscous was front and center in the living room. White Christmas lights around it made for a nice touch. Rabbit smiled it made think of the Buddha in her room. Sketch sat on the sofa in front of it.

Rabbit climbed on his lap kissing him hard, his hands were on her ass squeezing. Cassette stood behind them watching. Rabbit tossed her head back her bleach white flying out, Cassette caught some in her hand, tugging sharply. Rabbit moaned softly and looked up at Cassette, looking up unsure of what to do next. Sketch's hands on her helped her make up mind.

"Sketch." Rabbit said as he undid her buttons slowly.

"Don't worry baby." He whispered in her ear with a slight chuckle. Rabbit's breasts were now exposed to Sketch, a fact he let her feel right away. Bringing down a hand and slapping a tit. It made the shy girl turn pink, and moan. She pressed closer to Sketch's hard on, squirming against him. Sketch's hands grabbed her steadying her. Her body was trembling against him she could barely concentrate. His touch was almost too much for her, her leg kicked as she moved.

Cassette moved closer.

Cassette put her hands on Rabbit's shoulders.

"Slow down Rabbit." Cassette said stroking her hair.

"I want it." Rabbit whined softly.

"There's going to be time, I promise." Cassette said softly leaning into her kissing her lips hungrily.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Wildlife: Broken Toys

Rabbit's apartment was too clean, different from the chaos of Cassette's brownstone. Rabbit's parents were orderly but absent. Things were too sterile, Rabbit seemed sad here. She seemed alien amongst her friends but sometimes she smiled. In her home she seemed uncomfortable and crushed down. She seemed heavier. She went to her room leaving Cassette and Sketch sitting on the sofa. Sketch decided to peruse her parents records. Finding one he liked, His N Hers and he put it on. It filled the apartment. Cassette smiled and got up to dance. Rabbit ran out of the room, wide eyed. Cassette held out her arms, shyly Rabbit came to her the two girls danced spinning around the living room. The backpack fell from Rabbit's shoulders. Sketch laughed picking it up. He was always such a boy taking care of Cassette and now seemingly Rabbit. He seemed happy to be doing that.

"Come on girls." He said the warmth in his voice made both girls smile and wrap their arms around him.

"Shall we go home?" Cassette asked giggling.

"Lets, I'm feeling playful." Sketch said laughing and taking both girls. They left record playing, Rabbit knew no one would notice or really care.

The trio headed to the subway, they pressed on going to the Lower East Side. Rabbit stood between her friends dreaming about what she would see. Cassette leaned forward and kissed Sketch, Rabbit was pressed up him, her heart beat faster. His hands were on her arms, stroking her.

The whispers around them were absolutely scandalous. Sketch was getting used to it but Rabbit's skin flushed bright pink. Cassette smiled down at them. Spring was a time for magic and Cassette could bask in it, she kissed Rabbit softly and the train stopped.