Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wildlife: Rabbit : On The Moon

My eyes hurt, I wanted to keep sleeping. I was dreaming about about being on stage I was rapping and I was happy. I loved every aspect of rhyming but I was shy. My parents thought sending me to a performing arts would school would help with shyness. So far it wasn't.

Way to go Rabbit!

I rolled over and reached for my journal. I couldn't help but think about Sketch, he was fucking gorgeous. That creamy skin, that beautiful smile. I adored him and he didn't even notice I was alive. Maybe one day, I would write something he would notice, and my rhymes would win him over.


My clit pounded like a drum.

Later that day in class I sat behind him, I focused on him, the lecture was dull. I wasn't paying attention, so he could've been talking plastic fish I wouldn't have cared. Sketch was watching Cassette, I felt a stab of pain in my chest. I wanted him to look at me like that. Aether kicked my chair and The Professor glared at us.

"Girls." He snapped at us.

"Sorry." we both muttered.

Sulking I took my journal out of my bag. I started writing about how badly, I wanted to fuck him, I was getting wet. Words have a certain power with me. I wanted to show him my words, show him my passion.

Imagine my surprise Cas and Sketch were waiting for me at the door.

"So, we have a question." Cassette said grabbing my arm.

"Yeah?" I said stammering her touch made me nervous.

"My brother is gone, want to come over?"

It was an innocent question but it felt, magical. Something was going to change for me this much I knew. I was being invited into a floating world, of course I would come.
"Can I bring a bag?" I asked hopefully.
"Of course we'll come with you, I've got a car." Sketch said with that lazy smile. Magic, I knew it.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wildlife: Sketch : Respect

The girl drives me up a wall and twice on Sundays.

She's sleeping holding on to my arm, her face nuzzled into my coat. She looks sort of sweet faced, its not hard to see why I love her. Weirdness, with colorful hair in dresses she makes from shirts. She's amazing but, she's impossible.

She made sense, but glowed in the dark, I thought about her at night. She made me stroke my cock in honor almost regularly. Yeah, I felt dirty, but deep down I knew she'd watch me, that always spurred me on. I was a bad best friend. I was a bad best friend last summer too but, you know we're just young and horny.

How do I tell her?

The train lulled and lurched, she stirred and looked up at me. Blinking her eyes slowly, she leaned up and kissed me. I held her hand tight, kissing back. Maybe she knew, maybe she was just waiting for me. That made my heart swell. She wanted me too? Alright. Good to know I could file that away for later usage. I should try the happier thoughts sooner than later.

She stopped kissing me and nuzzled into me. She can make it easy, if I make it easy. It finally hit me like a ton of bricks. We had a friendship where fucking was okay, she loved me. Was that okay? I was lucky right? She wanted to fuck me and was always there but wanted nothing more than to be here. More girls should be this easy, I was indeed lucky.

Maybe this was perfect, Chaotic was still away. Cassette needed company so we went out. Poor girl was tuckered out. I was taking her to bed tonight, yeah this was nice. I was glad she could still walk under her own steam, she just wanted a hand to hold.

Didn't we all want that?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Wildlife: Cassette: Love

I really wanted a cigarette.

No, I really wanted a vanilla coke Sketchie was trying to undress me. It didn't feel sexy, he wasn't leering I wanted him to want me. The faerie lights lit up skin well, I thought. I stumbled into his arms, I kissed him softly wanting to express my need. His hand gripped me tighter, he kissed me back. His lips made it feel like a punch, I liked that. My nipples were hard, I wanted him to take me.

I knew he wouldn't. Not in my current state, I was too out of it.

We climbed into the rabbit hole that was my bed and fell asleep.

The morning after is another story.
"Don't be silly." Sketch said pulling the sheet over us to block out the early morning sun.
"I want you." I whispered letting my breath crawl over his skin. He groaned and reached for me, gripping my still hard nipple and pinching. I squirmed my hips wiggling myself closer to him. His lovely body beckoned for me. He moved his leg for me, I hopped up on his thigh, grinding myself on him. He liked it when I acted like this. His lips took over mine, his hand caught my hair giving it a sharp tug.

Oh fuck.

He gripped my hips and pulled me too him. This was totally exciting.

I fell down further.

Sketch pressed me to him, crushing my body. I breathed deeply. He did say he would catch me if I fell. He covered my face in kisses, and we erupted in giggles as he moved to pin me down. I was left staring up at him, I smiled quite wide.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Wildlife: Sketch: Numb

God, love her scatterbrained girl, she was alarmingly oblivious. Another fucking Thursday. I couldn't focus, I knew Chaotic was going away for the weekend. I was invited to stay over to 'watch Cas' he said. We both knew she could handle herself, but she gets lonely so I would be there for that. To make sure she ate and slept as needed. She would just shut herself up painting and reading if we let her. Her hair was more pink than purple these days. The purple shades swirled in with the pink. Cassette was looking lovely. Class was boring, I was falling asleep. My eyes couldn't stay open, he kept droning on. I looked side long at Aether her hair was fully pink. The way Aether avoided looking at any of us, and seemed to whispering to herself more was worrisome. When I caught her she stopped and blushed.

I wasn't a detective but something was telling.
Part of me was aroused, I mean two smoking hot girls? Yes please. However I had feelings, I wasn't quite sure what they were but it stung.

Cassette was actually able to look interested, she always was able to impress me. That's why she was my closest friend. I loved her, I may have made out with her. Could I do more? I was tired of watching her bad taste in men, listening to her bitch and moan when they hurt her. I could treat her better, pretty sure by a mile. Aether was in no mood for romantic relationships last I knew.
This was weird. She did my head in sometimes.

The bell rang. Cassette waited for me at the door.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wildlife: Rabbit : Love is a Drug

I wake up in my own bed, new walls same posters I've always had. Same Buddha face looking down at me smiling at. Eternal happiness for good girls. I always smile back, how can you not?

Laying in my bed I trying to decide how to face..
What kind of name was that? Who was our professor to be giving us weird nicknames anyway? Rabbits were scared, I wasn't normally scared, I was just new. My new friends were nice though, they seemed a bit tight knit though. I kept to myself even with them.
"What's your name?" asked the man sitting on the bar stool next to me. I shouldn't be here, but I am, we have things we shouldn't do.
"Rabbit." I said with a smile. He just smiled back as he sucked on his beer.
When you're a new girl in town, you really have to make your friends where you can. So, I cozy to strange men in posh bars. I let them kiss me, touch me, and pay for me. I get into to their cab and make out some more.
I like the way they make me feel.

My skin is warmed like the sunshine in June, as they touch me and stroke my arms. Always with my arms, I'm not sure why. I have to grind my hips against them to make my nipples hard. It's nice effect, they really like it.

When the cab stops I always run down the street. I don't look back.

Run, Rabbit. Run.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Wildlife: Cassette: I Can't Help But Feel It

He was waiting for me when I got home, he looked nervous. Chaotic was nowhere to be seen but I think I could hear, I didn't want too. Sketch grabbed me by the hand and took me out. Sketch had borrowed his dad's car. My bare legs were pressed against the vinyl of the backseat where I was currently laying. My head was filled with dirty thoughts and this one song. "If I could be who you wanted,if I could be who you wanted...all the time." I sang it softly so Sketch wouldn't hear. I think he'd make fun of me but I really understood what that guy was singing about.

I had someone who made me feel like that.

At least I had someone. Even if it was incredibly complicated and I ached deep in my cunt whenever he was near me. I knew he loved me it was like a guiding star or one of those angel fellows people talk about.

Sketch weaved and sped though the city. I watched the lights on the car's roof, tears rimmed my eyes. I thought about him and smiled before calling up to Sketch.

"Where are we going?" I said smiling up in the rear view mirror.
"It's a surprise." He said pulling up to a curb. It was a club that used to be a storefront, I didn't quite catch the name going in.
Sketch and I loved music, well Chaotic and I loved music but so did Sketch. Chaotic played guitar in bands after graduation. Sketch was usually my date to his gigs, but as far as I knew Chaotic didn't have a gig and was still at home. So, who where we here to see?
I leaned forward and kissed Sketch, it was sweet and soft. He tasted like my brother's coffee and faintly of cinnamon.

"Welcome to the stage, first time in New York City, Under A Banner."

I squealed.