Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Under Him

I met him at the pub again, we ordered a beer and he watched me closely the whole time. The first kiss was tender, he kissed me outside in the alley. He wrapped his arms around my waist, and pulled me close to him. I loved being close to him. I did almost stumble on my high heels but, he caught me. We giggled in the streets, we always had a good time together.

He takes me to his, its just easier. I'm too nervous to protest, and he notices. Silence is golden and awkward. To say we are strangers, isn't a lie, it just isn't the whole truth either. He knows me quite well, he's spent a long time with me.

Just not in this context.

He made me feel dirty and precious all at once. It was making me shiver up and down spine, he pushed me up against a wall. His skin felt smooth and comforting against mine. I ached for him, I pressed closer to him trying climb into him. I needed him. He pulled my panties down and tossed me down on the sofa.

I spread my legs wide for him, smiling devilishly we both knew I am wicked girl. He knelt beside the sofa, smiling right back.

His face was buried in pussy, he was licking at my clit like a man starving for a steak. He promised me this and so much more. I couldn't help myself, he made me want to be a submissive. My hips arched up as I gasped wetly. He licked my aching pussy nice and slowly, making me drip. I trembled and squealed as he made me cum. I could barely breathe it felt so good, he just smiled up at me and laughed.

"Good girl." He said.
"Thank you." I said with a smile as I watched him move closer to me.

His cock is magnificent as I looked up at him, I opened my mouth wide offering it to him. He gladly accepted shoving it in, the force choked me.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wildlife: Aether: Confusion is Next

Funny how the mind works.

When I was little I believed the world was good. That was before my dad left us, he left us all. Sometimes if I tried I still heard him. My mom and aunt called it a gift. Still talking to your dad almost ten years after his death?

Yeah, okay.

They could say what they wanted, whatever made them get up in the morning.
No teenage girl in right or left mind wants that ever. Me even less, I just wanted to be a normal girl with a crush getting through performing arts relatively unscathed. My definition of that word was getting looser as the weeks drug on. My friends were making me feel less lonely. Cassette especially, her kisses made me smile, her touches made me quiver.

Cassette didn't seem bothered by any of it, we were laying bed together close. My fingers twisted around a strand of her pink hair.
"What's it like?" She asks after kissing me.

"Confusing, like never having your radio properly tuned, so your between two stations." I say bitterly.
Cassette is the only one who doesn't try to mask my pain, she just accepts it. I almost feel like if anyone can heal me its her. That girl is magic, she takes it to another place. I don't even think she knows it. Now I parted her thigh with my hand and started rubbing her pussy, flicking her clit with my middle finger. Just how she likes it.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Wildlife: Chaotic : Only The Lonely

Pink was everywhere in my head. Her dye stained my favorite shirt. Marked me, her dye her paints, her glitter all over. Any other bird done this to my flat, my life I might be right murderous or done pitched her before she could try to get a foot-hold in my space. But, it was her and I didn't care. Of course, I'd never tell her.
Cassette was off somewhere, maybe I should care but I didn't. I was doing my best not to think about her. She would creep into my thoughts, like a slight smiling specter. Did she know? I think she did, I was counting on it.
My green eyes stared back at in the mirror as I rubbed my stubbly face. I missed her for those thirty seconds. Before I stalked back to the bedroom. Time to rouse the sleeping redhead. I unzipped my trousers and crawled up the length of her lovely form. I kissed her neck, nuzzling her head to the side.
"Come on love." I whispered in her ear.
"Animal..." She murmured her eyes still closed.

A challenge.
Deftly I reached down and pinched her nipple. She moaned and slapped at my hand. Normally girls didn't resist me like this, or at all. This was new and a bit of a let down.
I got up and wandered downstairs in the nude to put the kettle. I was surprised to find Sketch shirtless and asleep on my sofa. He looked sweet curled up there, but question was how did he get there?
I don't remember him being there when I brought whatshername from last night home. Of course too much Maker's Mark blanked most everything.