Friday, December 20, 2013

The Cool and The Creepy

Lately I've been staying away from my usual erotica. (Not away, just exploring other things.) Darker things. I've always been a little creepy girl, this is just going back to my roots I guess. My "dark place" if you will. I'm exploring the depth in the static. Things, other than what we know, are out there. It may have started with one show, but I believe there are others. I blame Red Phone Box for piquing my interest. Renewing my faith in myself. I've been making little movies on youtube. To help me make sense of things that have been happening. Maybe not directly, but it's been helping me give voice to the things that scare me and have always scared me. I want to thank the one friend who knows and has an understanding of my wall and a map of the darkness.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wildlife: Sketch: Bent


I hated them.

After break doubly so, I just needed to relax. My brain was always set on relax these days, or at least it looked that way. It didn't always feel that way, it felt like chaos underneath but I kept a brave face. It's my thing.

I liked learning, but I hated going to class. I loved being smart and right too. I couldn't see away around it. Plus I liked the girls too. The complicated balls of sunshine they might be, the closer we got the more comfortable I felt.

I felt nervous about it too.

Somehow, things were never this safe, were they?

Today I didn't feel like going to class at all. Cas was crying all night. Bunny girl didn't exactly look up at to it either. She blinked lazily at me, and pulled the blanket up.

"Hey Sketch, can we skip school?" She whispered.
"Yeah, sure, Cas is probably going to go." I said yawing.
"I don't care." Rabbit said sulkily. She kissed along my side before reaching my lips. Her way of being always made me smile, she was like a rabbit truly. I loved that about her. That and she seemed to really like me.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


"I wanna defy the logic of our sex laws."

Wicked I'm very wicked. I don't know how to be anything else. Well, maybe a ballerina, but you'd have to know me to know if that were true. I'm a music person, I live for music. So, anything is possible.

I am that girl, dark sunglasses in heart shape of course. Headphones on, you can block out my world. I am still and focused on the sensation you provide. Laying prone in your bed I wait. My heart pounding faster.

Your hands roll me over on my side, and pull me up to my knees. I feel the rope coiling around my knees, pulling tighter. You know how to make me nervous, make me sweat, and ache. It's a dark smokey feeling, one you can never share except with certain people.

The one who breathes our smoke right now.

You breathe me in deeply, I can feel it here and now. Pulsating music like you taking me to places only we can go. Your words bring me to places in my own darkness I never thought possible. I'm happiest when I'm centered, and I'm centered here. You keep me going pushing harder, your fingers open my lips. I feel your cock caress my lips and I suck loosely at first. Guided by my instinct its harder but, I get my bearings, gagging softly,coughing up spit covering my chin.

"Good little girl." You whisper to me. Making me blush.
You start to tilt my head back.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Lacie blinked her sleepy eyes and rolled on her belly picking his hat off the floor and putting on her head.
"Do I look good?" she asked him giggling. He cracked a smile looking at the naked girl.
"Yes." He said slapping her bum.
Lacie was warmed by that. But still the nerves were fraying. Ah, well best to get up. Hatter offered to come with, but no. Last thing she needed is to appear like she couldn't go anywhere without him. So she went to a bright red tent.

She could hear bickering from outside. Against her better judgment she called "hello!" "Come in missus Hatter."
"I am not...” she started
"You are." Said a woman who smiled like it hurt.
"You must be Red." Lacie thought better than to argue
"No! I am Heart." She scoffed.
"I am Red" called a soft voice behind Heart. Lacie walked around.
"Please forgive my sister." Red and Heart were Siamese twins.
"You're imaginary," barked Heart.
"Then how come I have a guest?" "Good question." They waited for Lacie to answer.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mr. Blue

The sun painted Wonderlandia's sky and Lacie was still there. Both of them seemed shy and surprised. Lacie blushed at her own thoughts. Lacie loved Hatter's sleeping face. She slipped from bed and out the door the sky was transparent purple still. She'd never been able to explore the circus grounds. Not really. Cat's tent did not count. She was blushing. The first tent she came to was blue. Really bright blue. She stopped. "Come inside," called a soothing voice. "Hello?" Lacie said walking inside. The tent was chaos. "I know who you is so I'm Mr. Blue." The man smiled at Lacie looking at her.
"I'm...” Lacie started to speak. Mr. Blue leapt up. "I said I know. Some fortune teller I'd be. Although I'm off the clock so I'm just me."

"Oh. That's wonderful." Lacie said sitting down. Mr. Blue took a drag off his pipe.
"You think so Lacie?" He asked.

"It must be. I see." Mr. Blue sounded sad.

Lacie reached out and held his free hand. "You could you're between worlds." He said it. She knew it Finally an answer. It still stopped her heart. But confirmation does that. "I am sorry I am too blunt. Hatter says it’s a fault."

Lacie smiled. "It’s okay. He says I'm too soft." Mr. Blue smiled back. Mr. Blue peered down. "I've over spoke, words are stupid."

"No, I've never spent the night, I knew." Lacie smiled. "Most would take the news badly." Blue mused puffing on a pipe.

"Lacie is not most people." Came The Hatter's voice. Mr. Blue grinned. "Come in if you must." He called. Lacie could sense something. Hatter rushed in and sat down. "Now I see." Mr. Blue said his lips smirking.

"See what?” Lacie asked.

"Something special," Mr. Blue spoke calmly. Hatter seemed reassured. "You didn't know hatty man?" "A moment of fear isn't the same as not knowing." Hatter said reaching for Lacie's hand.

"Speaking of, say hello to my wife."

"I will when we see her. She's not taking visitors." Hatter said softly.

"I'm aware, it’s just I think Lacie could be a friend." Mr. Blue smiled. Lacie hated feeling talked about which she was. "What's her name?"

"Red Valentine," Mr. Blue said with a sigh. Red and Blue. It wasn't lost on Lacie. She wondered quietly if Red would be her friend. She never really had a girlfriend before.

"I should get her home. We've got cleaning to do." Hatter said. "You've got something involving kneeling but...” Blue said chuckling. "Tell my wife I love her." Mr. Blue said hugging Lacie. Once they started walking away, Hatter muttered. "She knows you silly man." Lacie liked it when the Hatter held her hand. It made her braver.

"What is she like?" Lacie whispered. "You'll see." Hatter said full on grin. Her face flushed. So many questions.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sudden Impact

The lights on the bus were blue. I remember thinking that wasn't right. 20 seconds later we were driving off the road. Things hurt. Then, not so much. I heard him through the music and screaming. I was falling down. It seemed too far this time. I was falling. My heart beat faster. What was happening to me? Very possibly nothing... Yes, breathe. Still, what if he wasn't there? I closed my eyes. The pull, it took me where I needed to go. I fell, landing on him, "Oh, I told you I'd always catch you." He smiled, happy to see Lacie again. His hand caressed her cheek. He could see something had changed. He kissed her slowly. Hatter looked worried. Lacie's dress was on fire. He rolled her into the damp grass. "I knew you were hot." He said hoping a joke would distract her. He couldn't tell why she'd fallen from the sky nor why she was on fire. She's got the same doe eyes. Her lips seem redder, but what? What was different? He kissed her forehead. She kissed his chin giggling. "Get off they'll talk." Lacie said. "They can't it’s my circus, they live in it" he laughed. Lacie felt different. Her tummy was doing flips. She tried to remain calm. She reached out for his hand as they walked to his caravan She's offering herself to the Hatter before he can close the door. Maybe to hide her fear. Maybe because she needs him. The dull ache of need is taking her over. Being near him makes her lose control. She should not do or say certain things but here she was. Kneeling before him, her face looked serene. Suddenly faced looking at each other "Go on" he urged. So, she did leaving him to think. God. There's…oh…Hatter's thoughts were less than worried for a moment. She did that for him. It made him shiver. He wanted more. All of the sudden. It hit him. She no longer felt as if she could be pulled away. Woken up. She was pressed between the worlds like a flower in a book. Though The Hatter watching her sleep. Something he'd never done. Lacie looked smaller like a bunny faced girl. He'd have a mask made. Hatter kissed her forehead and thought about what luck he had. Lacie wasn't really sleeping she wanted him to promise it'd be okay. To make her do something. Anything but sleep. Sleep would be too honest. Lacie nuzzled herself into him. This is what I want. She thought.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Heat

Summer sun beats down on us and man some days its hard to get moving. Even for a manic pixie girl like myself! Borrowed Wishes, the second Nepenthe novel is almost done. So close I can feel it. Lux is off to Burning Man this time, just what will she find? Have you missed the last adventure? Get Bad Juju. I'm doing a new podcast. It's called Candy Beat! It's my Dance and Electro show. Don't worry, there's going to be plenty of nerd culture and smut! It can't be a Lacie show without that! I love music, and my friends at Music Money Mixtapes gave me the drive I need to do it all again! I am thankful for those crazy boys. They made it happen for me. Always be grateful, that's my motto. I'll have more news soon!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dreaming of Him

When she's awake she missed him, her Hatter. She stumbled she's clumsy. The endless waking hours. She felt lucky to know a secret. Shelving away books, other peoples lives. She began to wonder if she was just dreaming. That beautiful place, and him. “Is Wonderlandia a real place? Was I really going somewhere? When I performed nightly? “She thought Lacie was certain she loved him. Even if it was all dreams. He was perfect. His smile. The way he'd come at right moment no sooner. Lacie was certain she loved him. Even if it was all dreams. He was perfect. His smile. The way he'd come at right moment no sooner. She turned his face towards her. Kissing his smirky lips. He tasted of starlight. Stolen moments, and truth. He made her better and for that she was lucky. Then just like that, she woke alone in her bed. Time to be a normal girl, in the city. Still she knew he was there with her. All the time, no question. Lacie lived when she slept. Dreaming was real. The Hatter loved her it was simple. She was amazing. The lengths her act would go too. One night poetry in birdcage. The next, a daring tightrope. Still the next, swimming in absinthe. She was doing these things in this magical place. She could do them all in the real world, but no one cared. Circuses barely existed here. Lacie much preferred a world where Circuses thrived and The Hatter existed and she could be special. She was a happy dreamer.

“I was his in dreams or awake. He was my Hatter. I would do anything to get him back to me. “ She says falling asleep.

Lacie came to him in a dream. Rushing to him with kisses that made her lips hurt. It'd been weeks since she let herself come here. She could deprive herself no more. Pressed against Hatter's body she could relax. The need in his eyes spoke volumes to her. She thinks She is dreaming as as she falls into his arms star maps tattooed arms. They blaze in the candle light. "You've returned." He says.

"I love you Sir." I say sighing, I trace the stars. "I will always be with you even when I am not" I smile up at him. Looking into his eyes.

He looked surprised by my answer and then he kissed me. Catching my lips. Making me know his secrets, I shared mine. I wanted him to know. She kissed every scar and star on him. He stood like a God before her. It made her tremble and mewl like a kitten. He made her heart beat. He made wicked words fall from her lips. He made her want to be a bad little girl. She whispered her secret to him. Hatter held onto her the star maps on his arm glowed as his hands moved to dig his nails into her thighs. She howled into the night.

Wildlife: Rabbit: Sleeps Tonight

Traffic chugged and sighed outside the big windows. I loved it, it lulled me to sleep. I was used to the sound. It painted my dreams, and lived inside my head. Beep, Beep goes the Taxi, sleep sleep does the Rabbit.

I pulled myself closer to Sketch, he sleepily wrapped his arm around me. I could tell Cass was already gone, I didn't care I was just too sleepy. I heard her talking somewhere in the apartment it mixed into my dream. I through my leg over his.

I was writing what she was saying.

"I miss you."

"When are you coming back?"

...who was missing? I was right here.

Sketch didn't get any less sexy to me. We all sat quietly eating breakfast at the kitchen table. I couldn't help but stare at him, his skin was so beautiful and soft, I wanted to melt into him. I was getting wet just thinking about it. I squeezed my thighs together.

"You okay?" He asked with a grin, he knew full well. That naughty boy.

"Yes, just thinking." I said with a smirk.

"I'll bet." He said licking oatmeal off his spoon. He knew how to make me shiver. He was watching me closely. I squirmed. Cassette just giggled at us, she was watching with glee and fascination. The way she watched us made me feel dirty at first but, I liked it.

Knowing she was there. Eager eyes drinking the sight of us in, made me quiver. The way she'd never really touch us but, only sometimes when we were absolutely ready for it. Her timing was exquisite, she knew when.

The exact second.

No sooner.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Wildlife: Aether: Avalon

I was feeling blue.

My room was dark, I was leaving the lights off on purpose. Roxy Music playing on my speakers, I loved Byran Ferry's voice. I shivered over my skin. I was eating cinnamon hearts, letting them melt in my mouth. I would not cry, the red velvet panties and bra I wearing dared me not too. I wiped my eyes, and smudged my eyeliner a little.

I missed him, and I hated myself for it.

I was not one of those girls, I was cool, I was nice and relaxed. I could just be alone, except now. I wanted Chaotic, and all that he entailed. He made me feel alive, and trust me I knew what the opposite was like, I shivered. My life, made feeling alive a very precious thing.

He wasn't the boy in dreams but, he was really real. I could kiss him when he was here, I wouldn't trade that. Who cares if he didn't really want a girlfriend? I'd still be good to him. I was just that kind of a girl, I liked him, he made me cum, it was a good thing.

I pulled on my blue dress over my head. I looked really nice, almost, sweet like an old sixties cartoon. Tonight, I was going out, no sense in staying home with my mom. She was being unusually grumpy, even for her. I couldn't quite understand it, we were always fighting. Nothing could stop us, not my brother or my aunt. I just wanted a break.

I just couldn't stand it anymore. So, here I was leaving home, creeping down the fire escape. I smiled as I headed out in the early dusk.

Whispers hit my ears as soon as I left the house, I pushed them back thinking of the naughtiest thoughts I had. Cassette kissing me in the bathrooms at school, pulling my panties down. Chaotic bending me over his knee and spanking me in their living room. Billy Finnebaum fingering me in the eighth grade, all of it, none of it was keeping the whispers away. My heart was beating in time with my tightly clenching pussy.

I hopped on the hopped the M5 and found a seat. Sitting seemed like a great idea right about now. The bus rumbled underneath me, and we sped off, I was excited and hopeful. Nights like this seemed, amazing, the glitter party sounded cool. Really my kind of thing, I wanted to join the show myself, I wondered if I could. I did have theater experience after all, maybe that would get me out of mom's house, I couldn't keep it up.

Dreams, we all needed dreams.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wildlife: Chaotic: Neverland

It was nice to be home. Well, not home, in my city. Laying in a hotel bed, at least it was a really posh hotel. I wished Charlotte still kept our house but, she didn't consult me at all. She would however pay for me to fly home twice a year.

So, I guess that was nice. I still didn't like her very much at all, even if she was my mum.

I had issues, I didn't kid myself. I missed Aether, her lovely face. She'd love it here. I had to come alone though, there was no choice. Aether was beautiful, sullen with her sooty eyes and pouty lips. She filled a room with her cracking energy. When we first met I found her to annoying, perhaps a little pushy.

Now alone in my hotel room I missed it, the way she'd only just cuddle. I never wanted a cuddle before. Cassette and Aether were changing me. I sort of hated that.

Girls will teach you empathy even if you don't want them too. Even if you beg them not too with lots of cursing and thinly veiled threats. Her skin was too pale, I closed my eyes and traced the map of her veins in my mind. It was always slightly cool to the touch, she always wanted to be close for warmth. I smiled and shifted a bit. Her lips were full, and twitched when she wanted to be kissed, like a horny little bunny.

Her breasts were damn near perfect.

She was a budding goddess and she didn't even know it. Even if she did, she wouldn't care. It wasn't her style. Aether read books and worried about things, not my usual fuck fare. I wondered if it was because she was my sister's friend or if there was more to it.

Here now with my hand around my cock I honestly didn't care. She was lovely. I wanted her mouth around my cock and sucking me. She was divine at that task, her delicate mouth was too much. She wasn't too quick to do that, she made work for it, no other I know did that. She made me work for it, in a good way. It was a good thing for me, I think it made me a better person.

I pumped my fist faster and harder, thinking of her voice talking to me, telling me I was a bad boy but she loved me anyway. What a good girl!

Was I in love?

I came so hard the room spun, it was making me panic my heart was beating too fast. Damnit that girl was amazing and she didn't even know she was in my head.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pixel Slut

Laying alone she reads to herself. The words, she knows well. They keep her safe, she lets herself feel that. She feels him, like a angel watching over her. You shouldn’t think of angels like this little girl. Maybe if she buries her legs under the covers. Her hand slides over her belly, she lets herself imagine him thinking of her. What things would he like to see?

The ever growing wet patch on her pink pants? What’s underneath, the quivering thing of heart shaped need. She dreams of him quenching both their need just for once. She wanted him to just let go and be with her in the moment.

All the moments they could have together. Stolen, quiet and passionate. The thought made her feel giddy, she wondered how the actual deed would make her feel. Loved, lovely she was absolutely sure of that. She wanted a man who made magic. He was magic, even he couldn’t see it. She did. He was her vibrant violet light she found him delightful even in the darkness that painted their lives. This is how she saw him. His words created sparks in heart. Sparks that made her into a verbose firefly. Sent her off into outer space. Tripping amongst the stars, and kissing sleeping dreamers. He set her free like no one else could because he understood.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Wildlife: Shrines & Sex Gods

The lights seemed brighter as they made their way down the street, the girls held hands and skipped ahead giggling. Sketch smiled this was his life, coming to an apartment that wasn't his with two girls. Could he be so lucky?


"True magic happens, when you weren't expecting it, it happens in street lights and under full moons. When you are thinking of her skin and laughter and looking at her beautiful ass wiggling before and knowing she's yours." He thought walking along behind them.

Cassette and Chaotic's brownstone was like nothing Rabbit had ever seen, well maybe on television. It was beautiful, the poster of Sid Viscous was front and center in the living room. White Christmas lights around it made for a nice touch. Rabbit smiled it made think of the Buddha in her room. Sketch sat on the sofa in front of it.

Rabbit climbed on his lap kissing him hard, his hands were on her ass squeezing. Cassette stood behind them watching. Rabbit tossed her head back her bleach white flying out, Cassette caught some in her hand, tugging sharply. Rabbit moaned softly and looked up at Cassette, looking up unsure of what to do next. Sketch's hands on her helped her make up mind.

"Sketch." Rabbit said as he undid her buttons slowly.

"Don't worry baby." He whispered in her ear with a slight chuckle. Rabbit's breasts were now exposed to Sketch, a fact he let her feel right away. Bringing down a hand and slapping a tit. It made the shy girl turn pink, and moan. She pressed closer to Sketch's hard on, squirming against him. Sketch's hands grabbed her steadying her. Her body was trembling against him she could barely concentrate. His touch was almost too much for her, her leg kicked as she moved.

Cassette moved closer.

Cassette put her hands on Rabbit's shoulders.

"Slow down Rabbit." Cassette said stroking her hair.

"I want it." Rabbit whined softly.

"There's going to be time, I promise." Cassette said softly leaning into her kissing her lips hungrily.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Wildlife: Broken Toys

Rabbit's apartment was too clean, different from the chaos of Cassette's brownstone. Rabbit's parents were orderly but absent. Things were too sterile, Rabbit seemed sad here. She seemed alien amongst her friends but sometimes she smiled. In her home she seemed uncomfortable and crushed down. She seemed heavier. She went to her room leaving Cassette and Sketch sitting on the sofa. Sketch decided to peruse her parents records. Finding one he liked, His N Hers and he put it on. It filled the apartment. Cassette smiled and got up to dance. Rabbit ran out of the room, wide eyed. Cassette held out her arms, shyly Rabbit came to her the two girls danced spinning around the living room. The backpack fell from Rabbit's shoulders. Sketch laughed picking it up. He was always such a boy taking care of Cassette and now seemingly Rabbit. He seemed happy to be doing that.

"Come on girls." He said the warmth in his voice made both girls smile and wrap their arms around him.

"Shall we go home?" Cassette asked giggling.

"Lets, I'm feeling playful." Sketch said laughing and taking both girls. They left record playing, Rabbit knew no one would notice or really care.

The trio headed to the subway, they pressed on going to the Lower East Side. Rabbit stood between her friends dreaming about what she would see. Cassette leaned forward and kissed Sketch, Rabbit was pressed up him, her heart beat faster. His hands were on her arms, stroking her.

The whispers around them were absolutely scandalous. Sketch was getting used to it but Rabbit's skin flushed bright pink. Cassette smiled down at them. Spring was a time for magic and Cassette could bask in it, she kissed Rabbit softly and the train stopped.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wildlife: Rabbit : On The Moon

My eyes hurt, I wanted to keep sleeping. I was dreaming about about being on stage I was rapping and I was happy. I loved every aspect of rhyming but I was shy. My parents thought sending me to a performing arts would school would help with shyness. So far it wasn't.

Way to go Rabbit!

I rolled over and reached for my journal. I couldn't help but think about Sketch, he was fucking gorgeous. That creamy skin, that beautiful smile. I adored him and he didn't even notice I was alive. Maybe one day, I would write something he would notice, and my rhymes would win him over.


My clit pounded like a drum.

Later that day in class I sat behind him, I focused on him, the lecture was dull. I wasn't paying attention, so he could've been talking plastic fish I wouldn't have cared. Sketch was watching Cassette, I felt a stab of pain in my chest. I wanted him to look at me like that. Aether kicked my chair and The Professor glared at us.

"Girls." He snapped at us.

"Sorry." we both muttered.

Sulking I took my journal out of my bag. I started writing about how badly, I wanted to fuck him, I was getting wet. Words have a certain power with me. I wanted to show him my words, show him my passion.

Imagine my surprise Cas and Sketch were waiting for me at the door.

"So, we have a question." Cassette said grabbing my arm.

"Yeah?" I said stammering her touch made me nervous.

"My brother is gone, want to come over?"

It was an innocent question but it felt, magical. Something was going to change for me this much I knew. I was being invited into a floating world, of course I would come.
"Can I bring a bag?" I asked hopefully.
"Of course we'll come with you, I've got a car." Sketch said with that lazy smile. Magic, I knew it.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wildlife: Sketch : Respect

The girl drives me up a wall and twice on Sundays.

She's sleeping holding on to my arm, her face nuzzled into my coat. She looks sort of sweet faced, its not hard to see why I love her. Weirdness, with colorful hair in dresses she makes from shirts. She's amazing but, she's impossible.

She made sense, but glowed in the dark, I thought about her at night. She made me stroke my cock in honor almost regularly. Yeah, I felt dirty, but deep down I knew she'd watch me, that always spurred me on. I was a bad best friend. I was a bad best friend last summer too but, you know we're just young and horny.

How do I tell her?

The train lulled and lurched, she stirred and looked up at me. Blinking her eyes slowly, she leaned up and kissed me. I held her hand tight, kissing back. Maybe she knew, maybe she was just waiting for me. That made my heart swell. She wanted me too? Alright. Good to know I could file that away for later usage. I should try the happier thoughts sooner than later.

She stopped kissing me and nuzzled into me. She can make it easy, if I make it easy. It finally hit me like a ton of bricks. We had a friendship where fucking was okay, she loved me. Was that okay? I was lucky right? She wanted to fuck me and was always there but wanted nothing more than to be here. More girls should be this easy, I was indeed lucky.

Maybe this was perfect, Chaotic was still away. Cassette needed company so we went out. Poor girl was tuckered out. I was taking her to bed tonight, yeah this was nice. I was glad she could still walk under her own steam, she just wanted a hand to hold.

Didn't we all want that?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Wildlife: Cassette: Love

I really wanted a cigarette.

No, I really wanted a vanilla coke Sketchie was trying to undress me. It didn't feel sexy, he wasn't leering I wanted him to want me. The faerie lights lit up skin well, I thought. I stumbled into his arms, I kissed him softly wanting to express my need. His hand gripped me tighter, he kissed me back. His lips made it feel like a punch, I liked that. My nipples were hard, I wanted him to take me.

I knew he wouldn't. Not in my current state, I was too out of it.

We climbed into the rabbit hole that was my bed and fell asleep.

The morning after is another story.
"Don't be silly." Sketch said pulling the sheet over us to block out the early morning sun.
"I want you." I whispered letting my breath crawl over his skin. He groaned and reached for me, gripping my still hard nipple and pinching. I squirmed my hips wiggling myself closer to him. His lovely body beckoned for me. He moved his leg for me, I hopped up on his thigh, grinding myself on him. He liked it when I acted like this. His lips took over mine, his hand caught my hair giving it a sharp tug.

Oh fuck.

He gripped my hips and pulled me too him. This was totally exciting.

I fell down further.

Sketch pressed me to him, crushing my body. I breathed deeply. He did say he would catch me if I fell. He covered my face in kisses, and we erupted in giggles as he moved to pin me down. I was left staring up at him, I smiled quite wide.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Wildlife: Sketch: Numb

God, love her scatterbrained girl, she was alarmingly oblivious. Another fucking Thursday. I couldn't focus, I knew Chaotic was going away for the weekend. I was invited to stay over to 'watch Cas' he said. We both knew she could handle herself, but she gets lonely so I would be there for that. To make sure she ate and slept as needed. She would just shut herself up painting and reading if we let her. Her hair was more pink than purple these days. The purple shades swirled in with the pink. Cassette was looking lovely. Class was boring, I was falling asleep. My eyes couldn't stay open, he kept droning on. I looked side long at Aether her hair was fully pink. The way Aether avoided looking at any of us, and seemed to whispering to herself more was worrisome. When I caught her she stopped and blushed.

I wasn't a detective but something was telling.
Part of me was aroused, I mean two smoking hot girls? Yes please. However I had feelings, I wasn't quite sure what they were but it stung.

Cassette was actually able to look interested, she always was able to impress me. That's why she was my closest friend. I loved her, I may have made out with her. Could I do more? I was tired of watching her bad taste in men, listening to her bitch and moan when they hurt her. I could treat her better, pretty sure by a mile. Aether was in no mood for romantic relationships last I knew.
This was weird. She did my head in sometimes.

The bell rang. Cassette waited for me at the door.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wildlife: Rabbit : Love is a Drug

I wake up in my own bed, new walls same posters I've always had. Same Buddha face looking down at me smiling at. Eternal happiness for good girls. I always smile back, how can you not?

Laying in my bed I trying to decide how to face..
What kind of name was that? Who was our professor to be giving us weird nicknames anyway? Rabbits were scared, I wasn't normally scared, I was just new. My new friends were nice though, they seemed a bit tight knit though. I kept to myself even with them.
"What's your name?" asked the man sitting on the bar stool next to me. I shouldn't be here, but I am, we have things we shouldn't do.
"Rabbit." I said with a smile. He just smiled back as he sucked on his beer.
When you're a new girl in town, you really have to make your friends where you can. So, I cozy to strange men in posh bars. I let them kiss me, touch me, and pay for me. I get into to their cab and make out some more.
I like the way they make me feel.

My skin is warmed like the sunshine in June, as they touch me and stroke my arms. Always with my arms, I'm not sure why. I have to grind my hips against them to make my nipples hard. It's nice effect, they really like it.

When the cab stops I always run down the street. I don't look back.

Run, Rabbit. Run.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Wildlife: Cassette: I Can't Help But Feel It

He was waiting for me when I got home, he looked nervous. Chaotic was nowhere to be seen but I think I could hear, I didn't want too. Sketch grabbed me by the hand and took me out. Sketch had borrowed his dad's car. My bare legs were pressed against the vinyl of the backseat where I was currently laying. My head was filled with dirty thoughts and this one song. "If I could be who you wanted,if I could be who you wanted...all the time." I sang it softly so Sketch wouldn't hear. I think he'd make fun of me but I really understood what that guy was singing about.

I had someone who made me feel like that.

At least I had someone. Even if it was incredibly complicated and I ached deep in my cunt whenever he was near me. I knew he loved me it was like a guiding star or one of those angel fellows people talk about.

Sketch weaved and sped though the city. I watched the lights on the car's roof, tears rimmed my eyes. I thought about him and smiled before calling up to Sketch.

"Where are we going?" I said smiling up in the rear view mirror.
"It's a surprise." He said pulling up to a curb. It was a club that used to be a storefront, I didn't quite catch the name going in.
Sketch and I loved music, well Chaotic and I loved music but so did Sketch. Chaotic played guitar in bands after graduation. Sketch was usually my date to his gigs, but as far as I knew Chaotic didn't have a gig and was still at home. So, who where we here to see?
I leaned forward and kissed Sketch, it was sweet and soft. He tasted like my brother's coffee and faintly of cinnamon.

"Welcome to the stage, first time in New York City, Under A Banner."

I squealed.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Under Him

I met him at the pub again, we ordered a beer and he watched me closely the whole time. The first kiss was tender, he kissed me outside in the alley. He wrapped his arms around my waist, and pulled me close to him. I loved being close to him. I did almost stumble on my high heels but, he caught me. We giggled in the streets, we always had a good time together.

He takes me to his, its just easier. I'm too nervous to protest, and he notices. Silence is golden and awkward. To say we are strangers, isn't a lie, it just isn't the whole truth either. He knows me quite well, he's spent a long time with me.

Just not in this context.

He made me feel dirty and precious all at once. It was making me shiver up and down spine, he pushed me up against a wall. His skin felt smooth and comforting against mine. I ached for him, I pressed closer to him trying climb into him. I needed him. He pulled my panties down and tossed me down on the sofa.

I spread my legs wide for him, smiling devilishly we both knew I am wicked girl. He knelt beside the sofa, smiling right back.

His face was buried in pussy, he was licking at my clit like a man starving for a steak. He promised me this and so much more. I couldn't help myself, he made me want to be a submissive. My hips arched up as I gasped wetly. He licked my aching pussy nice and slowly, making me drip. I trembled and squealed as he made me cum. I could barely breathe it felt so good, he just smiled up at me and laughed.

"Good girl." He said.
"Thank you." I said with a smile as I watched him move closer to me.

His cock is magnificent as I looked up at him, I opened my mouth wide offering it to him. He gladly accepted shoving it in, the force choked me.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wildlife: Aether: Confusion is Next

Funny how the mind works.

When I was little I believed the world was good. That was before my dad left us, he left us all. Sometimes if I tried I still heard him. My mom and aunt called it a gift. Still talking to your dad almost ten years after his death?

Yeah, okay.

They could say what they wanted, whatever made them get up in the morning.
No teenage girl in right or left mind wants that ever. Me even less, I just wanted to be a normal girl with a crush getting through performing arts relatively unscathed. My definition of that word was getting looser as the weeks drug on. My friends were making me feel less lonely. Cassette especially, her kisses made me smile, her touches made me quiver.

Cassette didn't seem bothered by any of it, we were laying bed together close. My fingers twisted around a strand of her pink hair.
"What's it like?" She asks after kissing me.

"Confusing, like never having your radio properly tuned, so your between two stations." I say bitterly.
Cassette is the only one who doesn't try to mask my pain, she just accepts it. I almost feel like if anyone can heal me its her. That girl is magic, she takes it to another place. I don't even think she knows it. Now I parted her thigh with my hand and started rubbing her pussy, flicking her clit with my middle finger. Just how she likes it.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Wildlife: Chaotic : Only The Lonely

Pink was everywhere in my head. Her dye stained my favorite shirt. Marked me, her dye her paints, her glitter all over. Any other bird done this to my flat, my life I might be right murderous or done pitched her before she could try to get a foot-hold in my space. But, it was her and I didn't care. Of course, I'd never tell her.
Cassette was off somewhere, maybe I should care but I didn't. I was doing my best not to think about her. She would creep into my thoughts, like a slight smiling specter. Did she know? I think she did, I was counting on it.
My green eyes stared back at in the mirror as I rubbed my stubbly face. I missed her for those thirty seconds. Before I stalked back to the bedroom. Time to rouse the sleeping redhead. I unzipped my trousers and crawled up the length of her lovely form. I kissed her neck, nuzzling her head to the side.
"Come on love." I whispered in her ear.
"Animal..." She murmured her eyes still closed.

A challenge.
Deftly I reached down and pinched her nipple. She moaned and slapped at my hand. Normally girls didn't resist me like this, or at all. This was new and a bit of a let down.
I got up and wandered downstairs in the nude to put the kettle. I was surprised to find Sketch shirtless and asleep on my sofa. He looked sweet curled up there, but question was how did he get there?
I don't remember him being there when I brought whatshername from last night home. Of course too much Maker's Mark blanked most everything.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Games

We have this dance we do every time we see each other. I forgot when it started, it's just been natural I suppose. We pretend we've never met, we meet at a hotel. Somewhere seedy is always his pick but I prefer something higher class. It gives me a reason to get dressed up. Today was a special day, it was Valentine's Day. Slinky red dress no panties, just for him.

Today was about him.

"I want you to hurt me." I whisper as you stroke my cheek in the darkness.
"I will." He says as he has me pinned I can't move my arms.
We're kissing, his mouth tastes like a red velvet cupcake. I keep kissing him slowly, I'm nervous. His hand his on my thigh.

I want this but I know he's different. He'll give me the pain I want so badly. He will also require intense devotion. I know his type. He's something dark when he's with me. I like the way he makes me feel when we're here.
"Can you do it?" I ask him, stealing a glance at him.
"Don't kid yourself precious." He says tightening his grip around my neck.

He kissed me again. I felt his cock against me as he carried me into the bedroom. It's been along time since I'd been carried anywhere. He had a way of making me feel precious, even though I know what he's going to do to me.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wildlife: Aether: Pretty in Pink

When I woke up, The Devil card was on the floor of my room.
Cassette had slept over so I could help her dye her hair. She went pink. My own hair was purple and blue, the shades of a bruise. Last night, in the aqua tiled bathroom my brother and I shared, she kissed me. Her lips tasted like late summer apricot. I pushed her onto the toilet seat, straddling her thigh.
“Aether,” she gasped as I pressed against her.

I hushed her as I ground myself on her thigh.
“Cassette,” I whispered in her ear. She tilted her head and bit my neck. She was sucking on my skin. “I want you,” she whispered back to me. I kissed her again. She made me feel funny. I wanted her the way I should and sometimes did want boys.
“Cassette, please. It’s time to rinse your hair,” I said, climbing off her lap. She knelt over the edge of the bathtub. Her ass looked plump. I leaned up against her, pressing into her and reaching up to turn on the tap. I could hear her panting as I rinsed the dye from her hair. The pink washed down the drain. She worked her hips against me. I could tell what she wanted. That’s how I wound up with a pink-haired pixie in my bed this morning. I looked her over.
“Come on Cas,” I whispered, shaking her gently. She just groaned.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Wolfen Slave

The Lost Alice, Lacie of the wolves always finds her own way. Trying to find her own pack to run with. She is star crossed, until she is star-struck. Words make her swoon and blush. He needs more. She wants to hold him close and heal him. The lone wolf. She could be given a costume and made to look fine. A pixel princess one night, a fire dancer the next. Her task is to dance. Just look pretty. She fell into this world, her job at the circus. Luck. It is all luck. The universe smiles on her, even when it’s kicking her. She can never figure out why. Right now she’s thinking, “I want to speak the language of the stars to you.” I am on a mission to bring him peace again. To dream for him and my new and lovely friends. Balancing surreal and real is easy, when he says he loves me. I am his girl tumbling down. The costumes he makes me are too lovely. Truly, the stuff of dreams. Knowing I’m going to go out there terrifies me. Breathe deep and think lovely thoughts. Be Lighter than sunshine. The Hatter demands so much of me, pushes me to great lengths. He has seen what I can achieve in the thoughts that rest in my head. He can see in my dreams, the other parts of my head. I feel safe just knowing he’s standing there with me. He’s creating my dream worlds. I want to be the reason he creates more, writes more, and makes us all feel the touch of his magic again. I want to be loved by you. I'm not afraid... I'm just lost. Find me in the waters, I'm healing. This is my wish. My lips taste like cherry and sugar. The sound of breaking glass wakes me from my dreamy sleep. The thought that I am awake again makes me ache. I miss him. I know I am on my side again. Not a circus girl. I need to dream. I can’t figure out Cat's motivations or His. I can't even figure out mine. I just want to be with him always. Even this far apart. My skin flushes with heat. My mouth tastes of cinnamon now. It makes me blush furiously. Recounting my last dream. She is Lacie, citizen of the city of Wonderlandia, circus girl. She is also Lacie, librarian, and she is going to be late for work. She put her headphones on. "Don't you, forget about me. Will you call my name?" She wouldn't forget it. Not ever, don't worry iPod. The buses light were oddly violet but she got on anyway. Thinking only of her dream-world. I don't understand how to control it. I just want to be in the circus. Being myself is dull. I'm much better when he loves me. He's my home. He's taught me so much in a few months. I've become a better Lacie. Just dreaming my strength, my will. I've done tightrope walks I've walked with fire for him. I can handle this, as the bus stops. I go inside. Would it be possible to be the Lacie I am with you in this world she thinks as she waits to start running.