Sunday, August 26, 2012

DESCENT Hypnosis & Films

 It's all happening! If you've seen Almost Famous you'll sort of get what I mean. If you haven't you're just not cool. I'm proud to say I'm joining the crew DESCENT Hypnosis I'm super excited to be on board.  I'm working to develop original content for the airwaves and more for youtubes. It's been awhile since I've done a new [geishaspeak] but keep your eyes peeled and your ears ready.

In my defense its not always quiet were I live. I've always been a bit chaotic after all.

As evidenced by this episode of User Commentary where I swim into my role as Lucuna Noir and we watch Fright Night.  Wanna watch with us? Just download! Also if you have suggestions for our next movie, please email me! We love to hear your suggestions, and I LOVE "bad" horror films. As Mr. Lobo says they're not bad they're just misunderstood.

Speaking of hypnosis have you checked out my Audio Lab? It's all my hypnotically awesome recordings for you to buy and enjoy. I tend to have a slightly nerdy bent there. If you enjoy sci-fi and fantasy you'll enjoy my soundscapes. I'm recording something marvelous in September, in celebration of a mad man with a box (hint...)
So, that's a lot to explore and enjoy. Safe travels

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sort of Faerie Tale: The Unlikely Dominatrix

Life started out interesting for me; I was born a happy healthy baby, the apple of my newly divorced mother’s eye. I was a charming little tot, or so I’m told, my mom knew I was going to be great. I wanted to be a ballerina more than anything, but that wasn’t going to happen. You see I am a disabled girl. I still am, but unlike many, instead of hiding in a corner I took an entirely different approach. That’s me. I strive to be different any way possible, I am an attention whore. I’m proud of it, and I’m proud of myself. No one grows up saying they want to work in the sex industry, I don’t care what the guests on the Jerry Springer show say. Although it was part of my life goals in high school (I told my guidance counselor at school I wanted to the first writer/porn star/president of America). He was a little shocked by my admission and stayed away from me until the end of high school. In my five years of being a sex worker, I’ve launched many a great debate. People assume someone is making me degrade myself. That, or I’m further degrading myself because I have no self esteem. It goes beyond the outrage over normal female sex workers because people don’t see it as a choice for me. They see it as I’m not getting government “help.” Why is it that a “normal” girl makes a choice but not me? I don’t understand that. The only reason for that kind of mentality I can see is America is returning to a 1950s mentality. Either that or it was never left. At eighteen, I decided to runaway from home to the great city of Chicago. I knew living on my own would be tough, but it turned out to be not at all what I had imagined. I was turned down for every job because I couldn’t do it to the full extent an able-bodied person could. I was very depressed, so like a normal depressed person I started looking at porn. That was when I saw a button that said, “Model for us.” Having a bold moment, I filled out an application and got my roommate to take pictures. To my surprise I was accepted. That was just the first step. I loved getting all dressed up and having my photos taken I felt glamorous and sexy for the first time. It was such a rush for me, I loved knowing I could make men so excited so easily. I don’t know if sex is power but it sure felt like it. There I was, eighteen and doing porn. I’m told most people usually feel bad about working in the adult industry. Not me. I soon started thinking of ways to “branch out.” At this point I realized my life was a series of happy accidents. My answer on what I could do for more money came to me at a Borders bookstore, where I spent many nights camped out in the erotica section. Phone sex! It seemed simple enough and I’ve always had a way with words. I rushed home to research my options and, within two days, I had a profile set up and taking calls. I was “America’s Modern Courtesan” Miss Grayson. I’ve always had an interest in sex and BDSM, so these seemed like one of those jumping off points. At some point, I knew I could do this the rest of my life and I’d be happy. Not everyone can do sex work, it isn’t always fun or exciting. I could deal with strange fetishes and “sickos,” that was easy. The farther I went, the stranger a desk job looked. I loved getting paid every day or so. Even $20-$80 a day was better than a biweekly check and bad lighting, not to mention terrible coffee. If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s bad coffee! I also love that I decide when I work and for how long, no one in my family or circle of friends has that freedom. Slowly, I slipped into my role as Domina. When one of my callers asked, “Do you do live sessions?” I didn’t. Well, I did but, only with subs I knew and collared. I mulled over the idea with my friends, and it was unanimous I should start offering sessions. I made sure I had all the right toys and props. I started finding clients almost immediately. Of course, most of those clients were time wasters or scum bags I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. First meetings always took place at my local Borders where my friends or lover could be in the crowd in case bad things happened. Soon I had a stable of five men who made appointments to come to my home and confessed their sins for the nice price of $120-300 an hour. Yes, the girl in the wheelchair is a kitten with a whip. I love corporal punishment, and I am good at it. Now, I’m not saying I have no other skills. I’m just really good at being a Top, and I feel at home doing my job. Clients have often felt guilty about why they chose me, but the reason they come back is another matter altogether. I may start out as a curiosity or the ultimate taboo. You know, “Come see The Muse dominate on wheels!” or you are so low even a cripple can dominate you. Guys admitted that because of their views on the disabled, they thought it’d be akin to serving a Mistress’s dog instead of just her. True story. After they meet me, however, they see the big picture. They see the woman who will teach them the error of their ways and help them behave, if only for a few hours. People often ask what am I trying to prove. Usually in a tone you would ask a five year old “Why’d you color on the wall?” I’m trying to prove to the world that disabled people can be sexy, funny, and tough. We can be whatever we choose, and options are not limited because of genetics or accident. We just have to ask, “Why can’t we?” Frankly, the world would be a better place if everyone asked that disability or not.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Stains (Part Two)

He pulled me up roughly, taking my ass cheeks in his hands pulling them apart. His tongue traced my gaping twitching hole. My clit throbbed my hips jerked forward hitting his chin. He leaned closer to me. He was taking me in, like show pony or statue in a gallery. I felt more like a whore and I liked it. I liked him well enough too, he had great taste and didn't ask my name, I loved that. "Naughty." He said softly, his tongue continuing to probe me. I moaned and wriggled my ass for him. I caught sight of myself in the big mirror, bra still on big well rounded tits about to pop their cups. I had to smirk, my red lipstick was smeared, I looked classy. I was however quickly crossing the line into trashy and I didn't care. "Thank you, Sir." I Said turning my head to look at him. "Oh, it's Sir now is it?" He said looking up at me quirking a brow. "If you play that game." I said softly. I knew not everyone did but, I hoped he did and would. "Lucky little slut." He said trailing his fingers up my arms, hooking them under my straps and tugging them down. My tits burst free with and a bounce and a jiggle. His large hands slapped each mound, it was sharp enough to sting, I liked that. When he did it again, I moaned, arching my back. He left the bra and stockings on, the heels too so far. "You're going to be sore little girl." He said sitting back down on my couch his arms folded across his chest. My pussy twitched, and my knees buckled.