Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Allette by Sir Jaerls

As an avid and some would say voracious reader and woman with a mind for smut I picked up Allette. Normally I find erotica written by men to be a bit on boring (if not boring) side, SO this book gathered a wee bit of dust, sorry! Really, boy I was wrong, not the case here. This man is a poet and sensualist! Allette is love letter to every submissive woman out there. Impressive for a book don't you know? The setting is usually dry in similar genre books, not here. Nor was it bogged down as if to say "Hey I did actual research." It seemed organic, like it was written from journals. I found myself reading this book greedily even though I tried to force myself to stop and savor it. The scenes were lush and well planned out. Very descriptive and well timed, no rushing to get to the good parts so to speak. To be honest, I wasn't sure I'd like this novel.I was worried it would be dry and to much like historical romance. (I loathe those) That being said I'm glad I gave it a try. It's not your run of the mill BDSM erotica for sure. Allette passed my expectations and left me smiling. If you're anything like me you'll need a moment when you're done. 4/5 squees. Read Allette

Friday, July 6, 2012

Reluctant Call Girl

Reluctant. That described me, but with rent being way past due, and school expenses to be paid off. I was desperate. I needed cash fast, zero places were hiring. A plan formed in my head. Okay, so I wouldn’t exactly call me a call girl. I put up an ad on craigslist. Something like: “Girl seeks sugar daddy. I’m a college student.” Simple and sweet. The answers I got ranged from alright to depraved. The poorly spelled and all capped to the just plain strange. I wanted a guy who wouldn’t make me feel like trash. I was just doing this to stay afloat after all. No girl dreams of sleeping with men for money. 2008 is not a time when a girl could list courtesan as a job title even though I secretly wished I could. My gran was a geisha after all. She had a respectable tea house to show for it. I know if I could just find one man. I could fix everything. But, is craigslist the place to look for such a thing? From reading the emails, I imagined the trysts. Only a few I found pleasing and I was pretty sure they were too good to be true. Most men were looking for quickies that day. The few that seemed okay quickly degenerated into haggling cheapest price for the most “stuff” I mean, I know my apartment looks bare, but if I’m doing this, is my apartment really that important? Still, I will not be told I’m worth less then my asking price. I will not degrade myself because I need money, or because I wasn’t planing on doing this. With the right help, my apartment will get better My body more perfect, and my hair perfect. I know the folks answering my ad don’t believe I want to go to art school, but I do. I want to take pictures and write stories. Some trysts and I could be on my way. Years from now, we’ll be friends and I’ll be the famous “edgy” artist and we’ll both smile.