Monday, June 25, 2012

Stains (Part One)

I bring boys home. I hunt like a baby lynx in a gray pencil skirt. I
always make sure my skin smells like grapefruit and cherry blossoms. I
spot the bloke in the pub drinking, watching the people like me.


I slink closer, sitting next to him quietly. The thump of his glass is
comforting. I like his suit. The blacker than black cuts well against
my gray.

“Oh, hello, “ he says,  surprised I’m there, but not mad.

I smile and say nothing. I like his accent.  It makes me hungry. He
makes me want to leave him with nothing but a smile and pink dye
stains on his white collar.  I carefully lean up on his shoulder and
whisper, “I have a butt plug in and I want to play.” He nods.

Getting to my flat presents no problem, he’s not like the usual suits,
all hands.


What have I gotten myself into?

Once inside, we’re kissing. It seems comfortable, like we’ve done this
before. His lips make me melt. He sucks in my breath as if to prove,
somehow, that he owns me.  He does. I am his.

He shoves me on to the floor; the sudden violence thrills me like the
way some girls feel when they get kisses. He bends down, looking me
over. He slaps my face, causing tears to well up. My cunt is gushing,
asshole clenched at maximum around the toy.

“Spit it out,” he says. His tone thrills me, treating me like a bad
dog. Maybe that’s all I am. I growl and clench my asshole. A spasm
slides the plug out.

“Look at that gape. You are impressive,” his accent slid over my ears
and down my spine.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Traveling Days

Resident Alien's second (non pilot-y) video about my latest adventures in LA! The city of angels. It felt like devils. Let me know what you think kids. I feed on praise and I use rudeness in future stand up acts.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Press & Progress

Today I woke up to a nice little review of my [geishaspeak] project here from fellow blogger and geek Master Gothos. I'm moving up in the world it seem. Maybe you've seen the Bad Juju Mini Tour? Okay so I'm a little bit beyond pleased with myself that even though I'm struggling with homelessness (couch surfing when I do not have a fixed point is technically...) I'm still moving forward. I'm pleased with myself. If you'd like to help me out during this iffy time consider buying a copy of Bad Juju or finding the donate button on the [geishaspeak] page