Monday, April 16, 2012

The Fish Who Fell to Earth

Imagine being flung from a spaceship by your ex-fiance. How rude, right? Especially after you catch him cheating on you with some tramp from the other side of the galaxy.

Luckily, we were above Earth. Even luckier, I was five feet away from a garden koi pond. I was able to drag myself into the pond. The fish seemed friendly enough. Sleep came easily after getting a chance to relax a little bit.

“Well, who are you?” a soft voice from above the water said. It was a bit distorted from the water so I pushed my fins against the bottom, peeking my head above the surface.

“My name is Lacuna,” I said proudly.

“Delphina Killdare. This is my home,” she said softly as she pet my hand. She seemed really gentle. Nobody had ever touched my like that. It seemed like she could tell, so she let her hand linger. She smiled.

I told her what happened and how I wound up in her pond. When I was done, she sat looking at me, blinking her blue eyes slowly. “Sounds like you need some help.” A slight hint of wickedness was in her voice. She was lovely, for an earthling. Nevermind that she was the only earthing I had ever met, but she still let me stay in her pond.

A few hours later, she came back. This time she had a male with her. (I didn't know it at the time, but I learned quickly.) He looked nice. Though, he had glinting glass in front of his eyes that fascinated me.

“This is Doctor Omni,” Delphina said, kneeling by the pond.

“Hello,” I said, trying to sound happy.

“Are you really a mermaid?” asked the glass-eyed man.

“Yes. Technically,” I said, nodding.

Doctor Omni, Delphina and I talked for hours before they decided what would become of me. It wouldn't work to be living in her koi pond forever, so she came up with a place, unlikely as it was. I would get a tank built in the bedroom on her airship. It was a big step, but Delphina was able to make it sound so logical. Where else was I likely to find people so kind and eager to help?

As my tank was being constructed, I was falling in love with her. She was very open and sweet. I would have dared to kiss her, but I was nervous she wouldn't like it. Eventually, I just had to give in and take my chances. She kissed me back. It tasted like home. I knew I wanted her to kiss me again. Her lips probed my lips and went down my neck.

I was hers.

(For Daisy from my upcoming novella Love in the Time of Airships)