Sunday, January 22, 2012


(a succubatical train of thought)

You don't believe in legends. So, they won't save you here anyway. Silly little boys always fall for me. The wizardly types almost never fall for me. Almost, mind you. I think it's my baby voice that misleads men.I never blame them, they're how I eat after all.

I like to explore, places, themes and well most things. Most people learn this really quick. Except for you. You try to pin me down, define me, and cage me if only mentally. Why? I've thought on this its because you are not free.

I am the girl your mother warned you about.

You think you can make me different or save me. But, I do not need saving. I like sex, I like sex more if I'm not treated like I'm made of glass. Although fuck me in a department store window downtown and I'll follow you around like a kitty cat.

Make me suck your cock in the dirtiest bathroom in the city and I will gladly wrap my ruby red lips around you until you throb. As long as you slap my face. I like that, feeling the blush of humiliation crawl over my skin. My body aches to be touched and used.

Then when I've sated my hunger, I'll creep away into the night.Leaving you to dream of girls and spiderwebs. Maybe we'll meet again in some other situation. This time you'll willingly come to me knowing it'll only end with you waking up alone.

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