Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kissing Into Awake

"No tricks Lacie, do you accept?" The Hatter asked still smiling but serious.

She considered. He lived here, and I didn't. Could it work?

"Yes," I said. What else was there? I couldn't feel half as good if I refused over a silly thing like distance. He'd proven that. Perhaps now I had said yes I wouldn't need to go back. Perhaps the rules had changed now that there was no trickery. I took my seat at the table across from him, in front of him. My heart was reacting like a neutron bomb. I was suddenly aware of the circus. Cat from Cheshire was seated to my left side. She tilted her head smiled.

"Hello Lacie" her pincushion already out. She was circling a needle around her wrist.

“Ready for another fitting?” She was smiling like the the cat that ate the canary.

She held out her hand to me, I reluctantly took it. Cat had a reputation for being sneaky. That I knew what happened next? I was not expecting. She pushed me back against a tree as soon as they were out of eyesight and earshot of anyone. Her lips on mine, pressed hard and unrelenting. Cat was out to bruise my lips purple. She pushed scraping my skin against the tree trunk. Pain shot around my whole body, but it hurt good. I wanted more. Her, Hatter, it didn't matter. My mind told me I needed that sense of the pain. I'd forgotten what this was like, I'd locked the memory away for good reason. I needed this, I hungered. Pushed myself to do things to get my fix. Then she let me up slowly, leading the way back to her tent. It was the furthest out. I could suddenly empathized with mice better. There was something to be said for knowing someone plays with their food and suddenly being the food played with. Cat's tent was covered in fabrics and mannequins with various outfits in various stages of completion. It was chaos incarnate as I was thrust to the center of the tent, almost as if being put on stage. I was going to be made lovely.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Land of Falling Stars by Keta Diablo

Being an indie author I like to highlight my fellow indies. Usually I can find the beauty in any book. Perhaps something useful to me, not always. I have to be honest here though.
Keta Diablo can not be bothered to research anything, or at least that's how it feels. Her obvious biases show in her writing. Terribly distracting and unprofessional. Her characters lack even a second dimension, they seem wooden and vapid. Which makes it hard for the reader to even care about what is happening. Why read on if your thinking "Seriously, are you even from...Earth? Do you live around other humans?" The men are no better, pretty but Jesus if Ms.Diablo knows men like this, wow. I feel blessed to know men who understand I have feelings and am a human being. The sex was too much, even for a seasoned smut reader (like well, me). It seemed to not even be written for women, or with any Ms. Diablo's style which made it hard to read. Some scenes I totally skipped through. Is debasing yourself, really sexy in erotic romance? This book did have some good points, it was well edited and flowed well were it not for unlikeable characters, over the top sex, and total bias, this would've been great.

1/5 squees I'd read other books by her, to see if maybe she just picked a bad subject. Read Land of Falling Stars

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Alpha Promise

Loud music pulsed behind us, I kept tuned out the best I could. Dubstep was a nice aural drug but tonight I was after something more. I sat waiting, watching everyone pass by. People were so beautiful when they thought no one was looking, no one looks here expect me. "Tell me about him." said my new friend. "Tell me about you" I said looking him over, he was a bigger man, bigger than me, but who wasn't? I was small but stocky. The kind of doll you can knock around a bit. I liked that about me. At least I did before. That was what tonight was tonight was about finding myself. I was here at a night club trying to figure out who I was, where I'd gone wrong. I mean I was pretty right, sweet? "I like to watch my friend have sex. He's an alpha. He does things to women." His voice had a pang of need that made me shiver. I was starting to ache, he was making me squirm. He put his hand on my thigh. The contrast of dark skin against my honeyed milk skin hinted at more intimate things to come. "Seems very fun." I was leaning forward to whisper in his ear, pressing into him, teasing him ever so slightly. "He'd love you, fucking that tight cunt." He said squeezing my thigh, nestling my legs apart. His fingers pressed against the fabric of my panties, rubbing my clit ever so gently. The idea thrilled me, both of them. Fucking me. It made me dizzy, my head was spinning. "Why don't you call him?" I asked with a smile. "Perhaps." He said before taking a swig of his beer. His fingers worked my clit and I was forced to keep a straight face and complete and total composure while he made have an orgasm there on the bar stool. I couldn't help but giggle. "Well alright." I said.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Wildlife: Sketch: Spooky Girl

I remember her the first night we met. Properly, for the first time. It was last year, and we were both first years. It was at the All Hallow's Rave. The rave was not sponsored by Inglewood in any way. I was rolling pretty hard, I could see ghosts floating in the air. Some appeared to be dancing with Aether. Further past them, I saw her. The girl. The only girl. I noticed the glitter on her cheeks; it sparkled like diamonds on ivory skin. She was spinning like a younger child.

It seemed to me like she was dancing on the edge oblivion and she just didn't care. I loved her from that very moment. She spun into all of our lives. I had to introduce myself.

"My names Sketch." I yelled over the music when she had come close enough. Hopefully she could hear me. Perhaps it was just the idea that she couldn’t that I was nervous. She stopped for a moment and just smiled before taking hold of my wrist for leverage and leaned forward to whisper in my ear.

"Cassette." If it had been a movie, we would have spent forever talking to each other in the most crowded and noisiest places we could have ever thought to try and talk in. However, it wasn’t like the movies at all. Instead of saying anything else, she pulled me onto the dance floor. Since then, our lives have gotten more colorful and magical. More chaotic and turbulent. Also more confusing and tearful. Still, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wildlife: Aether: We Only Come Out at Night

The kitty ears looked natural in my hair. The red wine bra and panty set made my skin look even paler. I loved it. I slipped into my black lace dress, the reflection in the mirror did not look like me. She looked sexier. I looked sexy.

“Meow, kitty,” said my friend Nana, looking up from the bed.

“You like it?” I asked giving her a look and pushing my hip out.

“Yeah, fish has bite,” she said giggling.

“Fish wants to get bitten,” I said, winking. My Nana went to public school with my brother. She and he were sleeping together, but they were hiding it for my sake, but I knew. I always knew things. Things I wish I didn’t know. Sometimes the knowledge would just pop into my head and feel right, like a fact. I’d know it was true. Just, it’d be in my head, sometimes I’d catch the barest whisper. Sometimes.

I did not tell anyone that except Daniel, but he was my twin brother so it didn’t count.

“Earth to…” Nana snapped her fingers in front of my face.

“Yeah?” She pulled me out the door.

“Daniel,” I called, and he came running after us.

“Happy Halloween,” he said smiling. We had plans. I knew Nana didn’t. Halloween was our special night, and tonight our family was getting a little bigger. First we had to get through the day. I had to befriend the new girl. Her name was Rabbit, and I found her wholly interesting. Today was a good day for new beginnings.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wildlife: Cassette: Cool

My house was quiet. I woke up to silence. Usually, my brother had something going. The sun was up and it was time to be awake. No matter if I wanted to go back to bed, I just couldn’t. Lazily, I got up and wandered out into the living room, not even bothering to put anything on over my underwear. I stretched a little bit, realizing that my tits were hanging out.

I didn’t think anything more of it until I saw Chaotic. He was there, passed out on the couch. He looked peaceful. I smiled for a second, shrugged it off, then headed to the kitchen. I didn’t want anything. I just liked looking to see what we had. Today was the first day of school. Not that it mattered, I saw Sketch and Aether yesterday. However, seeing the teachers and others was always nice, wasn’t it?

Closing the fridge, I went back up to my room to get dressed. I stared at my closet, thinking about what to wear. Pink glitter dress seemed like a good idea, and since it was hanging from the ceiling fan, it was almost like I had put it out to begin with.
“Hey, Cas,” his creaky voice came from behind me, just as I pulled my dress straight.
“Hey.” I spun around, flashing him a smile before bending down to pick a cup up off the floor. He stepped over to me and kissed my forehead.

“What’s the plan?” he asked with a deep yawn.
“Going to school,” I said, leaning up to kiss his cheek. I blushed a little bit before looking around for my shoes. Silly me, I had left them on the television. I had to sit on the couch to put them on. Chaotic watched me as if I were an alien. It was sweet. I remember him taking my shoes off last night. I couldn’t remember much else. My house was quiet. I woke up to silence. Usually, my brother had something going. The sun was up and it was time to be awake. No matter if I wanted to go back to bed, I just couldn’t. Lazily, I got up and wandered out into the living room, not even bothering to put anything on over my underwear. I stretched a little bit, realizing that my tits were hanging out. I didn’t think anything more of it until I saw Chaotic. He was there, passed out on the couch. He looked peaceful. I smiled for a second, shrugged it off, then headed to the kitchen. I didn’t want anything. I just liked looking to see what we had. Today was the first day of school. Not that it mattered, I saw Sketch and Aether yesterday. However, seeing the teachers and others was always nice, wasn’t it? Closing the fridge, I went back up to my room to get dressed. I stared at my closet, thinking about what to wear. Pink glitter dress seemed like a good idea, and since it was hanging from the ceiling fan, it was almost like I had put it out to begin with. “Hey, Cas,” his creaky voice came from behind me, just as I pulled my dress straight. “Hey.” I spun around, flashing him a smile before bending down to pick a cup up off the floor. He stepped over to me and kissed my forehead. “What’s the plan?” he asked with a deep yawn. “Going to school,” I said, leaning up to kiss his cheek. I blushed a little bit before looking around for my shoes. Silly me, I had left them on the television. I had to sit on the couch to put them on. Chaotic watched me as if I were an alien. It was sweet. I remember him taking my shoes off last night. I couldn’t remember much else.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Wildlife: Rabbit: Pretty Faces

No one knows me here. That’s a blessing and a curse. I have no friends yet. Although, I have noticed plenty of cute people. There was this cute girl in Drama Class. “Rabbit?” the teacher said, touching my shoulder. We all had nicknames. Those of us who didn’t have them were assigned them. He went down amongst the rest of my new classmates, “Cassette. Sketch.” Yeah, I was going to like this school just fine. “Aether.” She had lavender and bubble gum colored hair. She was lovely. I managed to catch a better glimpse of her when she turned her head. My heart stopped for just a moment. The moment felt eternal, but my heart caught up and started to pound instead. Fuck. Life is confusing sometimes. I couldn’t help it. I didn’t realize it, but I was biting my bottom lip. I gasped and sat up straight, not realizing I might be drawing more attention to myself with my abrupt movement than if I had moved casually. “Welcome to Day One,” the teacher said before strolling back up to his desk, standing against it. He stood there for a minute, surveying our faces. “I’m Mr. Thompson,” he said with a forced smile. First day of a school always sucked, but now it was worse. It was only 10am and I wanted to go home. I felt like everyone had their eyes on me, and looking around the room didn’t help matter. Everyone looked so calm and collected, old hat as it were. They were nothing like the awkward new girl. “Hey,” there was a tap on my shoulder. “What?” I whispered back sharply. “You’re new?” “Yeah? Is that a bad thing?” “Not at all. English chick. I like that.” That was enough to make me smile. It might not be so bad here after all. My Mum had gone here and it seemed like she had a good time. Some of the stories she told seemed completely unbelievable. Though, there were a few of them that started to make more sense. Anything would be better than before though, so I had to take solace in that.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Wildlife: Chaotic: Little Sister

My mother is a cunt. My father was a drunk. My life was truly a mess, until my odd little treasure came. Cassette. With her absinthe green eyes and bedroom bleached hair. The pale delicate skin. Her voice, we'd spent hours on the phone. She wasn’t my mother's daughter, but she was my sister. Her soft accent pointed at my dad but nothing else about her was like him. She was kind and patient. My kid new sister. Even thinking the words changed my life. "Oi Charlotte, I don't see why we're taking her in" "It’s mum or mother and she's in need. You of all people should understand that." My mother said shooting me a look that could poison. So here we were flying off to New York City to be an instant family. I had to leave everything and everyone I had known to start my life over again. Not just a new city like some kids get, I was leaving to go to a completely new country. I wasn’t ready. I don’t think I would have ever been ready. I shook my head and returned to the dingy bathroom. Four years later and what was I doing? I needed to get home to her; she was probably nervous about school starting and needed someone to run lines with. I needed to shape up and grow up. My mother had disappeared with the dragon lady sometime in July. Cas and I were out. There was a hello kitty bank card with Cas's real name and note. I didn't look better, that I knew. I’d have to figure it out though. For her sake.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wildlife: Aether: Darts

The clicks and snaps were forever embeded on my mp3. I liked that, it was like an auditory safety net. It was from my dad's record, the last thing I had of him. "Do you believe in magic?" The loving spoonful sang. I couldn't help but remember. Dancing at just six years old with my dad. "Its like trying to tell a stranger about rock and roll." I flashed on dancing again. This time it was last summer, with Chaotic. Before he and Cassette had gone off to England. He didn't really want to go, but apparently he had to. Cassette just was going to hang out back home. Which meant two of my friends down. Leaving me alone, because my brother would be off with his new girlfriend. "I have no choice A." He said in a whisper kissing my jawline. "Doesn't mean I have to like it." I gave a small smile. It really wasn't his fault. Even now his face was perfect in my memory. I could recall his velvetly lips trailing down my skin. I shivered hard, my hips twitching against a pillow. It was nice to be touched, I liked Chaotic's hands, more than my own. Now my own fingers just didn't seem to do the job. Damnit. At least, my ghostly boyfriend was easier to understand. Except he did not like being called my boyfriend. Someday soon I would find a boy who wanted to caress me. So I wouldn't have to do all by myself anymore.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Wildlife: Little Darlings

She had faded pink hair the color of blush or chewed up flavorless bubblegum. She liked the color but hated the video. Sketch hadn't seen it. It was titled “Little Darlings.” She liked the memory. Not the video. She had been practicing ballet on top of Chaotic's car. When he comes running at her. Taking her in his arms, for a moment she's flying through the air. The video showed him doing something altogether different. She leaned down to kiss Sketch. Her lips felt on fire next to his. Though, they always did. His hand held hers tight, just a second before pulling her closer, his lips plying against hers, hungrily kissing. Their bodies stretched out against each other falling back against the couch. The video kept playing in the background. Sketch could almost see it out of the corner of his eye, Chaotic and Cassette just spinning about, falling amongst each other, almost mirroring his movements on the couch. He pushed the thought out of his mind as he pushed his hands up under her shirt, feeling the warmth of her bare flesh against his. Her breath caught, and she broke the kiss, smiling brightly down at him before sitting up and straddling his hips. She bit her lip a little bit, pulling her shirt up over her head, letting it fall to the floor. “Mmm, hello there,” Sketch said, letting his eyes slide over the half-naked girl straddling his hips. “I guess we’ll be alone for a little while.” “Allo, allo, allo!” came a voice from the front door. “Is there anyone home? ‘Sette? Allo?” The voice travelled through the house, getting closer to the living room. Cassette froze for a moment as her brother walked into the room just as she was able to get her shirt up off the floor to half-cover her top. “Oh, um, hi.” “Oh, sorry mate,” Chaotic said, his eyes falling on the two, not even bothering to look away out of any sort of feigned modesty. “Probably should have put a sock on the door or something. Do you need me to leave?” “No, that’s okay,” Cassette said as she finally managed to get her shirt back on. “We were just watching some old home movies.” “Oh, is that ‘Little Darlings’? I love that one. It reminds me of that one time.”

Friday, October 19, 2012

Wildlife: What Happens Here

The Inglewood Performing Arts Academy is home to some of the most creative performers, artists and madmen/women on the eastern seaboard. Not quite Juilliard but the rigors and demands of the prestigious school are quite high nonetheless. To get through the tough teachers, strenuous schedules, and back biting competition, the students often band together, forming cliques that become more than second families. These groups come and go, but every so often, one rises above the rest. Cassette, Sketch and Aether mourned the loss of Chaotic when he graduated by the skin of his teeth in what some were calling an impressive maneuver of acting, bribery, and blackmail. Nothing could be proven, but he no longer graced the halls of Inglewood, to the heightened glee of the teachers and underclassmen. It just isn’t the same, Sketch thought as he looked over at Aether and Cassette during lunch. It isn’t that we need Chaotic, but it sure isn’t the same. “What’s wrong, Sketch?” Aether asked. She always had the right question in the moment, sometimes it was annoying beyond belief. “Nothing. Just, we have an empty seat.” Sketch said with a sigh. “I don’t like it.” “Neither do we, but the alternative was Chaotic just getting held back another year. Did you really want him to have to go through that again?” “No, I guess not…” he trailed off, as he looked up. “What about that girl. She seems new.” The girls turned their heads to look at the girl who had just walked in. Cassette chuckled a little bit and shook her head. “Didn’t know you liked them that young, Sketch.” “Not like that Cass, I just have a feeling. Let’s invite her over,” Sketch said as he stood up, cupped his hands over his mouth and shouted at the top of his lungs, “HEY, NEW GIRL.” The girl spun around, looking bewildered almost dropping her tray. Caught like the proverbial deer in the headlights, she pointed at herself and mouthed, “Who? Me?” Aether just looked at her, thinking for a moment before saying, “You know what, she’ll probably do just fine.”

Friday, October 12, 2012

Advent 2012

I'm doing it again, although yet again a little late announcing it over here. The 2012 Advent Event is totally on! Go here. Hightlights include my hunt for a very good boy, with an endurance contest.Do you want me? Come show me just how much. I want presents and adoration,after all it is my birth month. Come endure for me. And this video. Its trippy and explains what's been holding you back from achieving trance or nirvana. I hope it's the first in a series. Please feel free to comment with questions for future videos. Like my voice? Check out my lab

Monday, October 8, 2012


Lacie woke up alone. It had been a dream. She sulked and rolled over, waking her computer, and turning on her dad reading “Oh, the places you will go.” She was trying to forget the impossible dream circus and the Hatter who controlled all of it. The old story and voice grounded her. She even laughed. As her father tripped on the word yond, she remembered he did once before, and her heart swam in her chest. It longed to feel the freedom of dreaming. Traitor heart! It’s an imaginary man, but she knew better. He is real. There was a knock on her door. She leapt up, but there was no one there. A brown paper parcel was at her feet. Left like an offering. She brought it inside. Unsure. She opened it. A note.

“Little goddess, this is for you. I am nearly here. Happy un-Birthday ~H”

She'd never got anything, except clarity, from a dream before. Lacie peered inside. Inside, she found a passport issued from nirvana. Her heart flipped. Boots (for dancing, said a tag!), and a white rabbit plush toy

Lacie sat there. Musing. When she saw mini-doll attached to a choker. Her heart raced. My job was done. This was amazing. What had happened to me? I was giddy, my dream man had sent real things to my doorstep. What did they mean though? I decided these precious things were meant for adventure. I had to smile, they always sprung up when you least expected them. He sent them. You know that annoying question you're asked at some point? The number of things on an island one: My ipod. My locket. My mini art box. She tucked the parcel in the bag minus the boots. Those were too great to resist wearing out. Lacie was all buckles and last night's glitter. Those are what she packed inside her bag before grabbing her phone and heading for the bus, the bus from late last night. It would take her away to a place she wasn't sure existed. To a man I was sure did exist. Somewhere. The bus was winding along. Blondie blasting in her ears. "Dreaming, Dreaming is free" suddenly. The lights went red. The glow was red No one seemed concerned. She wasn't really. Lacie was getting used to this, just part of her new surreality. She smiled and braced for blowblack. Blowback was like nirvana, but faster and less idea more actual now. Right now in fact. "Ah. Lacie, there you are." The Hatter. His voice greeted her. She was standing this time heaven for small favours. Looking at his face again made her blush. She tried to commit it to memory. "Hello" Lacie said finally, then feeling uncool. He smiled "I see my parcel arrived. The boots brought you to me." He said smirking into a teacup. "Yes, about that, it’s almost my birthday," she said. Clearly he had plans, and she had no idea what they were. "I will give you what you need Lacie. It won't always be what you want." He said. He was looking right through Lacie. He had weighed her mentally and found her value. I'm glad someone finally had, she thought and stood there like a school girl forgotten her maths. What did this all mean? Was I truly mad? "No tricks Lacie, do you accept?" The Hatter asked still smiling but serious. She considered. He lived here, and I didn't. Could it work? "Yes," she said. What else was there? I couldn't feel half as good if I refused over a silly thing like distance. He'd proven that. Perhaps now I had said yes I wouldn't need to go back. Perhaps the rules had changed now that there was no trickery.

hypnotic add-on only for brave souls Go deeper beware of rabbits

Sunday, August 26, 2012

DESCENT Hypnosis & Films

 It's all happening! If you've seen Almost Famous you'll sort of get what I mean. If you haven't you're just not cool. I'm proud to say I'm joining the crew DESCENT Hypnosis I'm super excited to be on board.  I'm working to develop original content for the airwaves and more for youtubes. It's been awhile since I've done a new [geishaspeak] but keep your eyes peeled and your ears ready.

In my defense its not always quiet were I live. I've always been a bit chaotic after all.

As evidenced by this episode of User Commentary where I swim into my role as Lucuna Noir and we watch Fright Night.  Wanna watch with us? Just download! Also if you have suggestions for our next movie, please email me! We love to hear your suggestions, and I LOVE "bad" horror films. As Mr. Lobo says they're not bad they're just misunderstood.

Speaking of hypnosis have you checked out my Audio Lab? It's all my hypnotically awesome recordings for you to buy and enjoy. I tend to have a slightly nerdy bent there. If you enjoy sci-fi and fantasy you'll enjoy my soundscapes. I'm recording something marvelous in September, in celebration of a mad man with a box (hint...)
So, that's a lot to explore and enjoy. Safe travels

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sort of Faerie Tale: The Unlikely Dominatrix

Life started out interesting for me; I was born a happy healthy baby, the apple of my newly divorced mother’s eye. I was a charming little tot, or so I’m told, my mom knew I was going to be great. I wanted to be a ballerina more than anything, but that wasn’t going to happen. You see I am a disabled girl. I still am, but unlike many, instead of hiding in a corner I took an entirely different approach. That’s me. I strive to be different any way possible, I am an attention whore. I’m proud of it, and I’m proud of myself. No one grows up saying they want to work in the sex industry, I don’t care what the guests on the Jerry Springer show say. Although it was part of my life goals in high school (I told my guidance counselor at school I wanted to the first writer/porn star/president of America). He was a little shocked by my admission and stayed away from me until the end of high school. In my five years of being a sex worker, I’ve launched many a great debate. People assume someone is making me degrade myself. That, or I’m further degrading myself because I have no self esteem. It goes beyond the outrage over normal female sex workers because people don’t see it as a choice for me. They see it as I’m not getting government “help.” Why is it that a “normal” girl makes a choice but not me? I don’t understand that. The only reason for that kind of mentality I can see is America is returning to a 1950s mentality. Either that or it was never left. At eighteen, I decided to runaway from home to the great city of Chicago. I knew living on my own would be tough, but it turned out to be not at all what I had imagined. I was turned down for every job because I couldn’t do it to the full extent an able-bodied person could. I was very depressed, so like a normal depressed person I started looking at porn. That was when I saw a button that said, “Model for us.” Having a bold moment, I filled out an application and got my roommate to take pictures. To my surprise I was accepted. That was just the first step. I loved getting all dressed up and having my photos taken I felt glamorous and sexy for the first time. It was such a rush for me, I loved knowing I could make men so excited so easily. I don’t know if sex is power but it sure felt like it. There I was, eighteen and doing porn. I’m told most people usually feel bad about working in the adult industry. Not me. I soon started thinking of ways to “branch out.” At this point I realized my life was a series of happy accidents. My answer on what I could do for more money came to me at a Borders bookstore, where I spent many nights camped out in the erotica section. Phone sex! It seemed simple enough and I’ve always had a way with words. I rushed home to research my options and, within two days, I had a profile set up and taking calls. I was “America’s Modern Courtesan” Miss Grayson. I’ve always had an interest in sex and BDSM, so these seemed like one of those jumping off points. At some point, I knew I could do this the rest of my life and I’d be happy. Not everyone can do sex work, it isn’t always fun or exciting. I could deal with strange fetishes and “sickos,” that was easy. The farther I went, the stranger a desk job looked. I loved getting paid every day or so. Even $20-$80 a day was better than a biweekly check and bad lighting, not to mention terrible coffee. If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s bad coffee! I also love that I decide when I work and for how long, no one in my family or circle of friends has that freedom. Slowly, I slipped into my role as Domina. When one of my callers asked, “Do you do live sessions?” I didn’t. Well, I did but, only with subs I knew and collared. I mulled over the idea with my friends, and it was unanimous I should start offering sessions. I made sure I had all the right toys and props. I started finding clients almost immediately. Of course, most of those clients were time wasters or scum bags I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. First meetings always took place at my local Borders where my friends or lover could be in the crowd in case bad things happened. Soon I had a stable of five men who made appointments to come to my home and confessed their sins for the nice price of $120-300 an hour. Yes, the girl in the wheelchair is a kitten with a whip. I love corporal punishment, and I am good at it. Now, I’m not saying I have no other skills. I’m just really good at being a Top, and I feel at home doing my job. Clients have often felt guilty about why they chose me, but the reason they come back is another matter altogether. I may start out as a curiosity or the ultimate taboo. You know, “Come see The Muse dominate on wheels!” or you are so low even a cripple can dominate you. Guys admitted that because of their views on the disabled, they thought it’d be akin to serving a Mistress’s dog instead of just her. True story. After they meet me, however, they see the big picture. They see the woman who will teach them the error of their ways and help them behave, if only for a few hours. People often ask what am I trying to prove. Usually in a tone you would ask a five year old “Why’d you color on the wall?” I’m trying to prove to the world that disabled people can be sexy, funny, and tough. We can be whatever we choose, and options are not limited because of genetics or accident. We just have to ask, “Why can’t we?” Frankly, the world would be a better place if everyone asked that disability or not.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Stains (Part Two)

He pulled me up roughly, taking my ass cheeks in his hands pulling them apart. His tongue traced my gaping twitching hole. My clit throbbed my hips jerked forward hitting his chin. He leaned closer to me. He was taking me in, like show pony or statue in a gallery. I felt more like a whore and I liked it. I liked him well enough too, he had great taste and didn't ask my name, I loved that. "Naughty." He said softly, his tongue continuing to probe me. I moaned and wriggled my ass for him. I caught sight of myself in the big mirror, bra still on big well rounded tits about to pop their cups. I had to smirk, my red lipstick was smeared, I looked classy. I was however quickly crossing the line into trashy and I didn't care. "Thank you, Sir." I Said turning my head to look at him. "Oh, it's Sir now is it?" He said looking up at me quirking a brow. "If you play that game." I said softly. I knew not everyone did but, I hoped he did and would. "Lucky little slut." He said trailing his fingers up my arms, hooking them under my straps and tugging them down. My tits burst free with and a bounce and a jiggle. His large hands slapped each mound, it was sharp enough to sting, I liked that. When he did it again, I moaned, arching my back. He left the bra and stockings on, the heels too so far. "You're going to be sore little girl." He said sitting back down on my couch his arms folded across his chest. My pussy twitched, and my knees buckled.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Allette by Sir Jaerls

As an avid and some would say voracious reader and woman with a mind for smut I picked up Allette. Normally I find erotica written by men to be a bit on boring (if not boring) side, SO this book gathered a wee bit of dust, sorry! Really, boy I was wrong, not the case here. This man is a poet and sensualist! Allette is love letter to every submissive woman out there. Impressive for a book don't you know? The setting is usually dry in similar genre books, not here. Nor was it bogged down as if to say "Hey I did actual research." It seemed organic, like it was written from journals. I found myself reading this book greedily even though I tried to force myself to stop and savor it. The scenes were lush and well planned out. Very descriptive and well timed, no rushing to get to the good parts so to speak. To be honest, I wasn't sure I'd like this novel.I was worried it would be dry and to much like historical romance. (I loathe those) That being said I'm glad I gave it a try. It's not your run of the mill BDSM erotica for sure. Allette passed my expectations and left me smiling. If you're anything like me you'll need a moment when you're done. 4/5 squees. Read Allette

Friday, July 6, 2012

Reluctant Call Girl

Reluctant. That described me, but with rent being way past due, and school expenses to be paid off. I was desperate. I needed cash fast, zero places were hiring. A plan formed in my head. Okay, so I wouldn’t exactly call me a call girl. I put up an ad on craigslist. Something like: “Girl seeks sugar daddy. I’m a college student.” Simple and sweet. The answers I got ranged from alright to depraved. The poorly spelled and all capped to the just plain strange. I wanted a guy who wouldn’t make me feel like trash. I was just doing this to stay afloat after all. No girl dreams of sleeping with men for money. 2008 is not a time when a girl could list courtesan as a job title even though I secretly wished I could. My gran was a geisha after all. She had a respectable tea house to show for it. I know if I could just find one man. I could fix everything. But, is craigslist the place to look for such a thing? From reading the emails, I imagined the trysts. Only a few I found pleasing and I was pretty sure they were too good to be true. Most men were looking for quickies that day. The few that seemed okay quickly degenerated into haggling cheapest price for the most “stuff” I mean, I know my apartment looks bare, but if I’m doing this, is my apartment really that important? Still, I will not be told I’m worth less then my asking price. I will not degrade myself because I need money, or because I wasn’t planing on doing this. With the right help, my apartment will get better My body more perfect, and my hair perfect. I know the folks answering my ad don’t believe I want to go to art school, but I do. I want to take pictures and write stories. Some trysts and I could be on my way. Years from now, we’ll be friends and I’ll be the famous “edgy” artist and we’ll both smile.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Stains (Part One)

I bring boys home. I hunt like a baby lynx in a gray pencil skirt. I
always make sure my skin smells like grapefruit and cherry blossoms. I
spot the bloke in the pub drinking, watching the people like me.


I slink closer, sitting next to him quietly. The thump of his glass is
comforting. I like his suit. The blacker than black cuts well against
my gray.

“Oh, hello, “ he says,  surprised I’m there, but not mad.

I smile and say nothing. I like his accent.  It makes me hungry. He
makes me want to leave him with nothing but a smile and pink dye
stains on his white collar.  I carefully lean up on his shoulder and
whisper, “I have a butt plug in and I want to play.” He nods.

Getting to my flat presents no problem, he’s not like the usual suits,
all hands.


What have I gotten myself into?

Once inside, we’re kissing. It seems comfortable, like we’ve done this
before. His lips make me melt. He sucks in my breath as if to prove,
somehow, that he owns me.  He does. I am his.

He shoves me on to the floor; the sudden violence thrills me like the
way some girls feel when they get kisses. He bends down, looking me
over. He slaps my face, causing tears to well up. My cunt is gushing,
asshole clenched at maximum around the toy.

“Spit it out,” he says. His tone thrills me, treating me like a bad
dog. Maybe that’s all I am. I growl and clench my asshole. A spasm
slides the plug out.

“Look at that gape. You are impressive,” his accent slid over my ears
and down my spine.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Traveling Days

Resident Alien's second (non pilot-y) video about my latest adventures in LA! The city of angels. It felt like devils. Let me know what you think kids. I feed on praise and I use rudeness in future stand up acts.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Press & Progress

Today I woke up to a nice little review of my [geishaspeak] project here from fellow blogger and geek Master Gothos. I'm moving up in the world it seem. Maybe you've seen the Bad Juju Mini Tour? Okay so I'm a little bit beyond pleased with myself that even though I'm struggling with homelessness (couch surfing when I do not have a fixed point is technically...) I'm still moving forward. I'm pleased with myself. If you'd like to help me out during this iffy time consider buying a copy of Bad Juju or finding the donate button on the [geishaspeak] page

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Drama Center

Kicking off the first series of Resident Alien! The talking heady bits from a reality show called my life. It's lacie's show, this is not your show (points if you get the gag) In this one that night I got really drunk.Just be glad I never went to your house.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Fish Who Fell to Earth

Imagine being flung from a spaceship by your ex-fiance. How rude, right? Especially after you catch him cheating on you with some tramp from the other side of the galaxy.

Luckily, we were above Earth. Even luckier, I was five feet away from a garden koi pond. I was able to drag myself into the pond. The fish seemed friendly enough. Sleep came easily after getting a chance to relax a little bit.

“Well, who are you?” a soft voice from above the water said. It was a bit distorted from the water so I pushed my fins against the bottom, peeking my head above the surface.

“My name is Lacuna,” I said proudly.

“Delphina Killdare. This is my home,” she said softly as she pet my hand. She seemed really gentle. Nobody had ever touched my like that. It seemed like she could tell, so she let her hand linger. She smiled.

I told her what happened and how I wound up in her pond. When I was done, she sat looking at me, blinking her blue eyes slowly. “Sounds like you need some help.” A slight hint of wickedness was in her voice. She was lovely, for an earthling. Nevermind that she was the only earthing I had ever met, but she still let me stay in her pond.

A few hours later, she came back. This time she had a male with her. (I didn't know it at the time, but I learned quickly.) He looked nice. Though, he had glinting glass in front of his eyes that fascinated me.

“This is Doctor Omni,” Delphina said, kneeling by the pond.

“Hello,” I said, trying to sound happy.

“Are you really a mermaid?” asked the glass-eyed man.

“Yes. Technically,” I said, nodding.

Doctor Omni, Delphina and I talked for hours before they decided what would become of me. It wouldn't work to be living in her koi pond forever, so she came up with a place, unlikely as it was. I would get a tank built in the bedroom on her airship. It was a big step, but Delphina was able to make it sound so logical. Where else was I likely to find people so kind and eager to help?

As my tank was being constructed, I was falling in love with her. She was very open and sweet. I would have dared to kiss her, but I was nervous she wouldn't like it. Eventually, I just had to give in and take my chances. She kissed me back. It tasted like home. I knew I wanted her to kiss me again. Her lips probed my lips and went down my neck.

I was hers.

(For Daisy from my upcoming novella Love in the Time of Airships)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Real Housewives of Olympus by Saranna DeWylde

The Real Housewives of Olympus is a take on all of those "real housewife" reality shows. Wait, perhaps it's a take on Desperate Housewives? They do live on Ambrosia Lane after all. The Greek myth twist was enough to get me reading. Nyx was enough to keep me going. Saranna DeWylde has great comedic pacing and a sharp pen indeed.

The dynamic of Persephone and Demeter was a bit twisted. It was just enough to make the two goddesses interesting, they really aren't in mythology itself, sorry to say. Ms. DeWylde really worked hard to contemporize the gods, a task which seems hard if near impossible for other other authors. Well researched and it shows without being terribly academic.

To be honest, I could have done with out the Zeus/Hera/Haedes love triangle. Zeus is just such a jerk, do we really need to see more? Although bizarre love triangle seems to appeal to a lot of other readers. Though it is quite a twist so that was fresh and wicked.

I wanted more of Nyx and her family. Miss DeWylde imagined Hypnos, a favorite god of mine, as gay. I wanted to see that! Nyx was a sassy mom I'd like to fuck for sure. She makes for lots of laughter. I recommend it and give it the muse stamp of approval. 3 and 1/2 out of 5 squees.

The Real Housewives of Olympus Saranna DeWylde

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Trash and Vaudeville: stories by j.scott grand

My dad was a junkie I grew up in a world like Mr. Grand writes about. It was like looking at photos of my childhood and finally knowing what happened. It was oddly comforting for me.

Very surreal and lovely and yet erotic. I wasn't sure what to expect when picking this up, I found it through twitter. I read it all in one night. It felt like going home (thank you for that.) and probing my own psyche. I thought the over lap of the stories was breathtaking. The way you'd run into characters, but it be glaringly obvious.

The way the author was able to take something that is unappealing like the junkie lifestyle and still weave in erotic elements was amazing. He has the same sort of fevered pacing as Lydia Lunch's Paradoxia and the neither are for the faint of heart. Jellyfish was for me the stand out story. Ramona is the sort of girl I like (and wish I could be.) she sort of became beautiful out of horrific circumstances.

I also really felt even though these are fiction stories the author wrote them from experience. The voice didn't sound over dramatic (ie. Go Ask Alice) just honest and true. Even though he eroticses the lives of junkies he definitely does not glamorize them.

They just are.

While I wouldn't say this is everyone's erotica or their cup of tea it is very hot.
I recommend it and give it the muse stamp of approval. 4/5 squees!

Trash and Vaudeville: stories by j.scott grand

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lies and Valentines

He told me to meet him at home. We had dinner plans, but something came up at the last minute. It happened, especially on holidays. Valentine's Day was no different. I knew his co-workers had significant others and they were a bit more enamored of the day than I was. However, I wasn't expecting to find what I did when I opened the door to our apartment.

It was dark, but not dark. I was shocked to see candles about the living room, lit and giving off an ambient glow. There was even music, and my boy, as much as I love him doesn't know a thing about music but what I have on my iTunes or chatter about. It was single-handedly the most romantic thing he had ever done.

“How do you like it?” he asked, adjusting the robe in an attempt to look more alluring. It was kind of funny, but I suppressed my grin.

“I thought you got stuck at work?” I asked, looking around to see what all he had done.

“Lies. All lies. I actually got out early so I could surprise you.”

I smiled a bit, “Well, you certainly went all out.. The robe is a bit much though.”

“Thought you might like it,” he said, starting to shrug out of it. “I could always take it off if you want. I don't have any problem being naked around you.”

“Go ahead. Take it off,” I said, watching him slip out of the robe, enjoying the little show he was putting on for me. He started walking towards me, moving to the music the best he could. Only a little off, but by that point I wasn't really paying attention to the music anymore.

The candle light flickered across his body, casting shadows against the muscles on his arms and thighs. I let myself drink him in, my eyes drifting down to his crotch, fixing on the growing girth between his legs. It never stopped impressing me, watching him grow erect, so I took matters into my own hands to speed up the process.

When he stood closer, half-grinding against me in pseudo-stripper fashion, I pushed him back a little and slid down to my knees, my hands bracing me as I pressed against his thighs. The scent of his cock was deep and rich as I dragged my tongue along the tender underside of his shaft. He groaned and stiffened as I slid my hand up under his pendulous balls, starting to cup and massage them.

A drop of precum spilled out of the head before I wrapped my lips around the swollen tip, taking him into my mouth. He groaned in appreciation and slid his hands through my hair, pulling the stray hairs back behind my head, grasping the loose strands into a more comforting ponytail.

My nails dug into his thigh as he pulled my hair, causing me to groan a little bit with his cock deep in my throat. I milked him with my tongue and lips, coaxing the heavy balls as I rotated them in my smaller hand. He was always so big, even his balls made me feel small. I looked up to see him looking down at me. Our eyes met and he tugged my hair hard. The sharp sense of pain caused my body to buckle a little bit before stuffing as much of him into my mouth as much as I could.

The fit was snug, and I swallowed hard, sending him a whole other wave of sensation running up along his spine. I knew his body, we had been together for quite a while. I also knew he was going to try and be the big man and hold out, make me work for it. Moaning, I relaxed my throat and took him all the way in, pressing my face against his body. It was hard, his thick cock keeping my throat stretched as I swallowed it over and over again, pumping it with my throat as I lightly squeezed his balls.

A sharp tug of my hair was the most immediate sign of how close he was. He tried to pull me off, but I kept going, torturing him before pushing him completely over the edge, making his cum gush out of his cock, coating the back of my throat.

Swallowing again, I let him empty his heavy balls in my mouth, looking up at him as I savored each drop. I smiled as I pulled my head away, licking my lips. “How about we go to the bedroom so you can finish giving me my gift,” I said with a wicked tone, starting to get to my feet.

“Mmmm, Indeed,” he said as he scooped me up, carrying me towards our bedroom. “Happy Valentines Day.”

“Happy Valentine's Day to you too.”

Sunday, January 22, 2012


(a succubatical train of thought)

You don't believe in legends. So, they won't save you here anyway. Silly little boys always fall for me. The wizardly types almost never fall for me. Almost, mind you. I think it's my baby voice that misleads men.I never blame them, they're how I eat after all.

I like to explore, places, themes and well most things. Most people learn this really quick. Except for you. You try to pin me down, define me, and cage me if only mentally. Why? I've thought on this its because you are not free.

I am the girl your mother warned you about.

You think you can make me different or save me. But, I do not need saving. I like sex, I like sex more if I'm not treated like I'm made of glass. Although fuck me in a department store window downtown and I'll follow you around like a kitty cat.

Make me suck your cock in the dirtiest bathroom in the city and I will gladly wrap my ruby red lips around you until you throb. As long as you slap my face. I like that, feeling the blush of humiliation crawl over my skin. My body aches to be touched and used.

Then when I've sated my hunger, I'll creep away into the night.Leaving you to dream of girls and spiderwebs. Maybe we'll meet again in some other situation. This time you'll willingly come to me knowing it'll only end with you waking up alone.

(If you like succubi get more in Bad Juju)