Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Prey's Thoughts

My heart thuds in my chest, I'm chained up in the back of a pick up truck. It is my choice to be here. I make it every Friday night. I love the thrill of being prey, the allure of being the lure. I usually pick men I've never seen, but tonight I want the one I know.

I know his name, and his face. I've dreamt about him. My fingers have pleasured me thinking about the abuses I'm facing tonight. I'm eager, I'm shaking, as we drive to his place. My body is concealed by a dirty and beat up looking tarp. He said, it was for work and yes, he always carried it.

I believed him.

He didn't seem like the type to actually prepare for anything. Let alone a night of sex. Doms who prepared, especially elaborate scenes, it's sex. It's about a man and a woman trying to fuck the other to feel that electric crawling feeling you get on your skin right before you orgasm.

We want that, both of us, him in the front seat of the truck, and me back here. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on him. The rush of lust hit me right between my thighs. His natural animal grace called to me.

Come here, kitty.

I never feel foolish wearing my kitty ears in public, maybe I should. I'm in 20s after all. I wear them because I'm not a girl, I'm a feline. I figured if I wished hard enough it would happen. One day, it sort of did. I became a cat girl the rare being who is drawn to kittenplay.

That was me.

I was naked in the back of this pick up truck except for my ears and the tail and the collar which connected me to the chain. I purred with delight focusing on the rubber plug that held my tail between my asscheeks. I had forced it up there just three hours ago. My stretched hole was now quivering. My cunt was now gushing, leaving my thighs wet and slippery.

I was going to explode, the truck pulled to a stop.