Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kitress Pretty Carnivore Manifesto

I enjoy men who are wicked and cruel to me at all the right times. Who know enough to know I myself am wicked and while sweet am capable of cruelties carried on boys rarer than diamonds. The ones I like to call my savage boys.
People always ask me what my fetish is, as a submissive. I’m quite vocal about liking cuckolding as a Mistress, as a submissive I enjoy kitten play.
The thing I like  about kitten play is,  you’re being a kitten. You’re just a kitten! Meow with Glee. That thesis? Doesn’t exist, That crappy ex? Not important. You are a sleek creature built only for play! It’s a beautiful spring day, and Master has taken you outside. (Yes, how thrilling! Outside!) Today is your day to bask in the sun, feel it warming you. To lay in the cool grass and just show off.  Maybe, run around so your little bell jingles and your lovely ass bounces for your Master. All you have to do is be a pretty kitty.
Conversely can you pamper the pretty kitty while toys with your mind like it’s her catnip mouse? I think so. I think you can delight in licking your alley cat Princess’s panties clean after a night out. Anything you can do to make her purr right? Her nails your flesh, what lovely art she could make. Just imagine how proud you could be, to be to the pretty carnivore’s savage boy. Come find me and we shall see.
See, Neuro