Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wishes Become More

I have one wish.
Just one.
I came home, I refuse to change my sheets, I want your smell around. I'm a scent oriented beastie after all. I prepare myself for bed alone, and the tears shimmer and wait to be shed. I put on the panties you bought for me, and leave on my jumper.

I'm untying my pink hair and letting it carelessly spill over my face and shoulders. Pink fills my world for a few seconds. I try desperately to not cry again. To remember the pleasures you brought.

I wish you had left more bruises. You left me plenty of reminders and few precious bruises. My breasts are still sore as I waved goodbye to you. The memory of your teeth on my skin did little to dull the ache in my chest. Your full and beautiful lips wrapped around my nipples. I delighted in the hours I was allowed to spend exploring your flesh.

Each day brought more pleasure than I've experienced in years. You give me what I want, every aching goal I've had. You've made me happy, you've stripped me bare to you.

I'm yours now, I can not be any less not anymore. I ache for you. I'm comforted by knowing this I'm yours. My tongue wants you cock to tease and your balls in my mouth. I want that back right now.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Awesome Advent

Sorry for the late post. But, It's October! The means we party until we can't move or November 1st, which ever happens first. Why? It's my birthday, so why not. This year I'm giving you guys the gifts..Check outmy advent calendar. Hopefully I can get that spooky Halloween story done!