Thursday, September 15, 2011


I love a good tease and denial session, more denial when its you not me. When I'm the one being teased I like it tease and delay. I've only truly ever edged with you. Everyone else I'll eek out a small orgasm. But, with you, I'll stop, right before I can't stop. When my clit is throbbing and aches. It's very hard to be still. To not touch until I'm sure I've calmed down.

How can I truly calm down in this state? Knowing He's choosing to exercise his control of me. He's doing this not because I've been a bad girl, but because he can. He's reminding me of that part I give to him. It makes my pale skin flush and my pussy gush.

I know I could lie and say I did. I could just as easily tell him to fuck off. I love this treatment and him so I won't. I'll even beg for it in my more needy and depraved moments. I'm never ashamed to admit what I need.

My whole being is concentrated on pleasing him. Making him want this feral creature he's created. My hands glide over my thighs, I can't help but slap my pussy now. My body shivers. My thought is, I didn't do this before. Followed by, oh god yes. I slap it again and again.

Before easing one finger into my fuckhole, knowing I'll have to stop any second as my legs kick and my body starts to shake.
I have to stop.