Friday, August 26, 2011


I got into modeling because I used to play dress up with my best friend. This continued into our late teens. We always said we wanted to model, I grew up and I did it. I'm just that kind of girl, I'm lucky. Plus, it helps ultimately that I'm shameless.

It's how I met her. The Photographer. I'm inclined to say she is my new friend. At least I want her to be. I like the way she looks at me when we talk, like she's enthralled. We have that same crazy creative energy. If I have an idea she can make it happen, its simple and perfect. Plus I love the way she makes me look, so pretty.

We don't talk anymore, I'm not entirely sure why, maybe life just got in the way. I miss her. So bad, my heart hurts. I keep hoping she'll come back, like magic. When I started to miss her most I saw my brother's Holga, and I had to have it. Now, every image I shoot in a love letter to her. My glowing friend. I hope some day we'll meet again.
When we do I'll take her picture while she's standing above me, taking my picture right back. I'll capture her laughter in my lens. So I can be greedy with it later, I miss that most.

I want to take my lover's picture too, to show him how undeniably beautiful he is to me. Show him off, let The Photographer see him. I've said to myself some day, I'll take a picture of him right after his kissed me. That's a face worth remembering. His lips are absolutely perfect to me. He is just perfect for me. Maybe someday He'll see that.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Belle Du Jour

Do you have twitter? If you don't...its free to sign up and follow me. Feel Fucky

Why? Because! I'm funny and I'm a total geek girl and I often tweet naughty. Oh, and my belle du jour fantasy. What is that you ask? Simple! You see tweets like this:

"CODENAME Call me "Louise" on #Niteflirt and get 5 free minutes after (Leave feedback get a nude pic)" (Today's name btw) The name changes every day I log in!

and you call and say something like "Hi Lousie" and bam free minutes. Indulge me boys. It's easy and fun.

The very reason phone sex appeals to me is, its fun and anonymous. Still we all like having a partner who knows how to take us there. I could give you the thrill of a new girl, who "somehow" knows you everytime!!