Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Prey's Thoughts

My heart thuds in my chest, I'm chained up in the back of a pick up truck. It is my choice to be here. I make it every Friday night. I love the thrill of being prey, the allure of being the lure. I usually pick men I've never seen, but tonight I want the one I know.

I know his name, and his face. I've dreamt about him. My fingers have pleasured me thinking about the abuses I'm facing tonight. I'm eager, I'm shaking, as we drive to his place. My body is concealed by a dirty and beat up looking tarp. He said, it was for work and yes, he always carried it.

I believed him.

He didn't seem like the type to actually prepare for anything. Let alone a night of sex. Doms who prepared, especially elaborate scenes, it's sex. It's about a man and a woman trying to fuck the other to feel that electric crawling feeling you get on your skin right before you orgasm.

We want that, both of us, him in the front seat of the truck, and me back here. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on him. The rush of lust hit me right between my thighs. His natural animal grace called to me.

Come here, kitty.

I never feel foolish wearing my kitty ears in public, maybe I should. I'm in 20s after all. I wear them because I'm not a girl, I'm a feline. I figured if I wished hard enough it would happen. One day, it sort of did. I became a cat girl the rare being who is drawn to kittenplay.

That was me.

I was naked in the back of this pick up truck except for my ears and the tail and the collar which connected me to the chain. I purred with delight focusing on the rubber plug that held my tail between my asscheeks. I had forced it up there just three hours ago. My stretched hole was now quivering. My cunt was now gushing, leaving my thighs wet and slippery.

I was going to explode, the truck pulled to a stop.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kitress Pretty Carnivore Manifesto

I enjoy men who are wicked and cruel to me at all the right times. Who know enough to know I myself am wicked and while sweet am capable of cruelties carried on boys rarer than diamonds. The ones I like to call my savage boys.
People always ask me what my fetish is, as a submissive. I’m quite vocal about liking cuckolding as a Mistress, as a submissive I enjoy kitten play.
The thing I like  about kitten play is,  you’re being a kitten. You’re just a kitten! Meow with Glee. That thesis? Doesn’t exist, That crappy ex? Not important. You are a sleek creature built only for play! It’s a beautiful spring day, and Master has taken you outside. (Yes, how thrilling! Outside!) Today is your day to bask in the sun, feel it warming you. To lay in the cool grass and just show off.  Maybe, run around so your little bell jingles and your lovely ass bounces for your Master. All you have to do is be a pretty kitty.
Conversely can you pamper the pretty kitty while toys with your mind like it’s her catnip mouse? I think so. I think you can delight in licking your alley cat Princess’s panties clean after a night out. Anything you can do to make her purr right? Her nails your flesh, what lovely art she could make. Just imagine how proud you could be, to be to the pretty carnivore’s savage boy. Come find me and we shall see.
See, Neuro

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wishes Become More

I have one wish.
Just one.
I came home, I refuse to change my sheets, I want your smell around. I'm a scent oriented beastie after all. I prepare myself for bed alone, and the tears shimmer and wait to be shed. I put on the panties you bought for me, and leave on my jumper.

I'm untying my pink hair and letting it carelessly spill over my face and shoulders. Pink fills my world for a few seconds. I try desperately to not cry again. To remember the pleasures you brought.

I wish you had left more bruises. You left me plenty of reminders and few precious bruises. My breasts are still sore as I waved goodbye to you. The memory of your teeth on my skin did little to dull the ache in my chest. Your full and beautiful lips wrapped around my nipples. I delighted in the hours I was allowed to spend exploring your flesh.

Each day brought more pleasure than I've experienced in years. You give me what I want, every aching goal I've had. You've made me happy, you've stripped me bare to you.

I'm yours now, I can not be any less not anymore. I ache for you. I'm comforted by knowing this I'm yours. My tongue wants you cock to tease and your balls in my mouth. I want that back right now.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Awesome Advent

Sorry for the late post. But, It's October! The means we party until we can't move or November 1st, which ever happens first. Why? It's my birthday, so why not. This year I'm giving you guys the gifts..Check outmy advent calendar. Hopefully I can get that spooky Halloween story done!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I love a good tease and denial session, more denial when its you not me. When I'm the one being teased I like it tease and delay. I've only truly ever edged with you. Everyone else I'll eek out a small orgasm. But, with you, I'll stop, right before I can't stop. When my clit is throbbing and aches. It's very hard to be still. To not touch until I'm sure I've calmed down.

How can I truly calm down in this state? Knowing He's choosing to exercise his control of me. He's doing this not because I've been a bad girl, but because he can. He's reminding me of that part I give to him. It makes my pale skin flush and my pussy gush.

I know I could lie and say I did. I could just as easily tell him to fuck off. I love this treatment and him so I won't. I'll even beg for it in my more needy and depraved moments. I'm never ashamed to admit what I need.

My whole being is concentrated on pleasing him. Making him want this feral creature he's created. My hands glide over my thighs, I can't help but slap my pussy now. My body shivers. My thought is, I didn't do this before. Followed by, oh god yes. I slap it again and again.

Before easing one finger into my fuckhole, knowing I'll have to stop any second as my legs kick and my body starts to shake.
I have to stop.

Friday, August 26, 2011


I got into modeling because I used to play dress up with my best friend. This continued into our late teens. We always said we wanted to model, I grew up and I did it. I'm just that kind of girl, I'm lucky. Plus, it helps ultimately that I'm shameless.

It's how I met her. The Photographer. I'm inclined to say she is my new friend. At least I want her to be. I like the way she looks at me when we talk, like she's enthralled. We have that same crazy creative energy. If I have an idea she can make it happen, its simple and perfect. Plus I love the way she makes me look, so pretty.

We don't talk anymore, I'm not entirely sure why, maybe life just got in the way. I miss her. So bad, my heart hurts. I keep hoping she'll come back, like magic. When I started to miss her most I saw my brother's Holga, and I had to have it. Now, every image I shoot in a love letter to her. My glowing friend. I hope some day we'll meet again.
When we do I'll take her picture while she's standing above me, taking my picture right back. I'll capture her laughter in my lens. So I can be greedy with it later, I miss that most.

I want to take my lover's picture too, to show him how undeniably beautiful he is to me. Show him off, let The Photographer see him. I've said to myself some day, I'll take a picture of him right after his kissed me. That's a face worth remembering. His lips are absolutely perfect to me. He is just perfect for me. Maybe someday He'll see that.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Belle Du Jour

Do you have twitter? If you don't...its free to sign up and follow me. Feel Fucky

Why? Because! I'm funny and I'm a total geek girl and I often tweet naughty. Oh, and my belle du jour fantasy. What is that you ask? Simple! You see tweets like this:

"CODENAME Call me "Louise" on #Niteflirt and get 5 free minutes after (Leave feedback get a nude pic)" (Today's name btw) The name changes every day I log in!

and you call and say something like "Hi Lousie" and bam free minutes. Indulge me boys. It's easy and fun.

The very reason phone sex appeals to me is, its fun and anonymous. Still we all like having a partner who knows how to take us there. I could give you the thrill of a new girl, who "somehow" knows you everytime!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Absinthe & Glitter

The thing about this story is it’s a dream. As I lay dreaming, I knew it.

The things I find erotic don’t always appeal to everyone. Intoxication, being one I can never quite pin down to explain.

It starts with a glass. He wants to watch me swim. Swim in the lime green colored fluid. He wants to watch me dance.


The cold wetness envelops me, stroking my skin. Making me shiver. Making my nipples erect.

His eyes stop me cold. We stare over the edge of my glass.

My tank.

He says nothing.

I kick my up my feet like a petulant child. Droplets of absinthe spray in a lovely arc.

He smirks, amused.

Watching, I shimmy free of my bra. My breasts left bare. I can’t tell if it’s the absinthe intoxicating me or his sheer will pushing me into bliss.


My own depravity forcing me to moan. To let him know I liked this.

He won.

The way he won means I won. He likes to watch. I like to be watched. Looked after.

My head is swimming and my body feels limp. I lift my arm above my head. I’m spinning like a ballerina. Pink glitter rains from the sky. I’m giggling as it sticks to my skin.

His big, strong hands pull me from my glass. I press myself to his skin, weeping for joy as he kisses my skin with those beautiful lips.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Tesco Girl

I don't need anything. I want to cum though. Since I really couldn't this morning. I need to up the ante though. I'm desperate for fresh air, and my body burns, I head for the train platform.

I really like sexting, I think it's a great way to spend an afternoon. My Daddy indulges me quite often. I like to do it when I go out. Getting aroused while out in public, secretly under the watchful eye of everyone, or no one depending how you look at it.

It's a secret.

That's what's the appealing thing about it. The visuals in my head are us just whispering to each other other. Your hand holding mine, I feel a certain sense of pride. It's rooted in the fact that I'm the girl you chose.

Today I'm headed to a shop. I need some items, I'm just using it as an excuse because it's so damn hot. Our exchange on the train makes me squirm and make little noises in the back of my throat. I love this feeling more than anything I've ever felt as I bolt from the train.

I know exactly where the little used bathroom is and I head there. It's barely lit and dirty. It seems like I'm spending a lot of time masturbating in bathrooms. My suit pants are down around my ankles as I ponder this fact. My hand explores the folds of my pussy.

My index finder strokes my clit, fast my hips jerk against the toilet set. The slamming hurts a little. As soon as I feel this, I make effort to slam harder, throwing my plump ass against the seat. I can hear you in my head, I concentrate and try to remember.

You make me a naughty girl.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

When She's My Kitten

When I do bad things I really go all out. When I want to top someone I do it right, I let them open up. After all, confession is good for the soul. Right? Seem innocent, that's my motto. It's something I never forget. Especially at that place. Underestimation is usually a plus.

That's where I met Kitty, a petite mousy haired girl with intoxicating eyes. She's the girl who breeds obsession amongst the usual patrons. Imagine my shock when she came to talk to me, me of all the people, I caught her eye. Me, who belongs to a man.

I love the way she'll pull me aside and tell me a secret. I live to hear her voice whispering in my ear. It made me tingle with joy when I hear it. Especially when she told me she wanted to fuck me, and she wouldn't mind playing with my Master.

He was eager to put this to the test.

Public sex is always a turn on for me. Even more so now, it makes my Master happy. He takes me suddenly,  I'm in his lap. My legs spread my pussy exposed to everyone's view. Even hers, she's staring at my already wet pussy. He leaves that hole barren, pushing into my ass instead.

I motion her over she crawls across the floor, every bit as languid as a feline. I reach out catching her mousy mane in my fingers. She starts to lap at my pussy. Her tongue knows where to go but, I still guide her by the hair. I know it adds to her arousal to be controlled to have it demonstrated so simply in front of everyone.

His cock is pounding in my tight little asshole. I like it when he fucks me like he means to break me. It lets me thrash about like the beast I've become, the beast he's made me. That's when I feel her tongue, she's licking his cock while he fucks me. I shiver and moan when her tongue touches my exposed and open asshole.

I pull her hair jerking her face upwards her tongue present and waiting as I orgasm, she laps it all as Master unloads in my ass. I'm stunned. I'm gasping for breath and stroking her hair. Telling her what a good kitty she is.

I'm blissfully aware as he holds my lower half upward. Kitty is sucking his shaft like a greedy girl. Just as I thought I'd be put down, I feel her tongue around my quivering asshole, barreling up inside. She's claiming our prize for being such good girls.

I adore my new kitty friend, and I'll tell her so every time I see her because that's just how I am. I'll also make her do vile things because I love watching her fuck-stoned face.

Violet & Stripes

I like it when you push me. I like it when you tease me. You know just how to push the buttons to my pleasure center. You can stroke my mind like no other ever could. A simple text makes me wet. It's around 9:45 when I get my break. An hour before I'm due to leave but, anyway I head to the bathroom. Even the Ladies in this place is dirty I make my way to the last stall. It's okay but I'm not letting my panties touch the floor.

I crouch on the toilet my legs spread wide. Lewdly wide, it feels ridiculous and naughty. I untie one side of my panties. My fingers seek out my throbbing clit. I finger my clit, causing my thighs to twitch immediately. I need this, I can hear his voice in my head. My mind replays his voice telling me to touch my cunt. I obey.

I rub slowly but it only takes me five minutes to come to a loud orgasm. I'm shamelessly squirting all over my fingers and laughing. As I climb down I notice some hit the door and floor, I decide to leave it there to tired to clean it up. I retie the violet ribbon at my hip.  My black skirt falls nicely. Sated I can get back to work.

Back at the booth I check my BlackBerry there's an email from  Jones. The third to our happy little trio. He's outside, he's waiting for me. This is a surprise. I email back it'll be a bit.

When I get outside he's standing there just waiting. I look at him with his blonde hair and eyeliner. He looked perfect I hugged him and held hand as we headed to 16th street.
At the bus stop he was talking to me while his fingers played over my mound. I blushed no one could really see, to others we looked like he was holding me close.

"Someone enjoyed herself." He whispered in my ear.


"I'm going to finger fuck you." He whispers in my ear as we climb the steps. I blush as I pay fare.
We walk to the back and cram ourselves into the wheel well seat. His fingers ease inside me My greedy fuckhole sucks him inside.

"You're going to suck these clean." I taunt him.

"Yes." He whispers.

He makes me orgasm again for the second time tonight, five people sitting around us completely unaware. That's when I got an evil thought I lifted my hips untying my panties. The flimsy fabric clung I pulled the black and white stripped fabric free. Shoving it quickly in Jones's waiting mouth. I watched him suck while the violet ribbons hang from his mouth.

That's how I pull him from the bus, he's my little pull toy. I lead him across the street and upstairs to my brother's apartment. Once inside I pull the panties free from his mouth.

"Strip." I tell him.

He unbelts his jeans pulling them down. I  can see his cock straining through his shorts before he pulls them off setting them aside. Seconds later my wet panties are wrapped around his cock and his fist is pumping fast and furious. Gasping as he goes.

"Lacie" He screams out as he spurts thick ropes of cum coat my panties. We're both tired and flushed. We're both panting

"You want to wear them to bed?" I say with a lazy grin. I'm fastening them on before he can say yes, but he does.

I'm pleased.