Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Meow Baby

Masks, we all wear them, even if we don't admit it. Sometimes we've simply forgotten who are or rather wanted to be. I wanted to be a burlesque performer, now I'm not sure what I am. Hidden erotica writer?

Sleepy glitter child poet?

Neo horror host run amuck?

I've done it both ways darling.

No one ever notices me in my normal girl clothes. I just look like any other punky girl. I just grew up this up this way, I can’t help how I am or change, believe me I’ve tried.

Its not until I put on kitty ears I really shine. (I write in a Catwoman mask did you know that?) It’s a secret I keep to myself, until now. It’s getting harder for me to keep it to myself. I no longer like to play by myself.

I was a good girl my first time.

As a cat girl.

Sometimes I’m convinced it’s the only time I can be good. I wish I could be good all the time. Would you let me be your kitty sometime?

I may be difficult but I promise I will be the easiest difficult thing you've ever loved. Besides, you can try to make behave right?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Life in a Dream

I have a secret, the thing about secrets though is you itch until you share them. You burn, and with something like this, I could set the world on fire. I have to share, it's been months of trying to be good. I even broke my new years goal, to avoid temptation,to stop teasing myself. Blondie sings in French. Debbie Harry also says dreaming is free. Call me a dreamy girl because I dream naughty little dreams.

Dreams about you, the best ones anyway.

This is my dream. You typing away telling a story. Me, nude in your bed mentally cataloging one for later. I’ll write the tale of our passion after it’s cooled between my legs.

Before it heats up in your eyes again. There’s always that calm before the moans and the screaming start up again. You fuck me as though I keep you caged, maybe I do. Like you do to me. Semantics, let us just enjoy the ride. Live my nightly dream with me.

You can take me softly with kisses, or roughly gripping at my flesh. Making me cry out for you in the darkness.

"Who do you belong to?" You whisper in my in ear.


We both know the answer to that. You will always have a indelible place in heart. It's been that way since we first met.

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Cool and The Creepy

Lately I've been staying away from my usual erotica. (Not away, just exploring other things.) Darker things. I've always been a little creepy girl, this is just going back to my roots I guess. My "dark place" if you will. I'm exploring the depth in the static. Things, other than what we know, are out there. It may have started with one show, but I believe there are others. I blame Red Phone Box for piquing my interest. Renewing my faith in myself. I've been making little movies on youtube. To help me make sense of things that have been happening. Maybe not directly, but it's been helping me give voice to the things that scare me and have always scared me. I want to thank the one friend who knows and has an understanding of my wall and a map of the darkness.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wildlife: Sketch: Bent


I hated them.

After break doubly so, I just needed to relax. My brain was always set on relax these days, or at least it looked that way. It didn't always feel that way, it felt like chaos underneath but I kept a brave face. It's my thing.

I liked learning, but I hated going to class. I loved being smart and right too. I couldn't see away around it. Plus I liked the girls too. The complicated balls of sunshine they might be, the closer we got the more comfortable I felt.

I felt nervous about it too.

Somehow, things were never this safe, were they?

Today I didn't feel like going to class at all. Cas was crying all night. Bunny girl didn't exactly look up at to it either. She blinked lazily at me, and pulled the blanket up.

"Hey Sketch, can we skip school?" She whispered.
"Yeah, sure, Cas is probably going to go." I said yawing.
"I don't care." Rabbit said sulkily. She kissed along my side before reaching my lips. Her way of being always made me smile, she was like a rabbit truly. I loved that about her. That and she seemed to really like me.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


"I wanna defy the logic of our sex laws."

Wicked I'm very wicked. I don't know how to be anything else. Well, maybe a ballerina, but you'd have to know me to know if that were true. I'm a music person, I live for music. So, anything is possible.

I am that girl, dark sunglasses in heart shape of course. Headphones on, you can block out my world. I am still and focused on the sensation you provide. Laying prone in your bed I wait. My heart pounding faster.

Your hands roll me over on my side, and pull me up to my knees. I feel the rope coiling around my knees, pulling tighter. You know how to make me nervous, make me sweat, and ache. It's a dark smokey feeling, one you can never share except with certain people.

The one who breathes our smoke right now.

You breathe me in deeply, I can feel it here and now. Pulsating music like you taking me to places only we can go. Your words bring me to places in my own darkness I never thought possible. I'm happiest when I'm centered, and I'm centered here. You keep me going pushing harder, your fingers open my lips. I feel your cock caress my lips and I suck loosely at first. Guided by my instinct its harder but, I get my bearings, gagging softly,coughing up spit covering my chin.

"Good little girl." You whisper to me. Making me blush.
You start to tilt my head back.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Lacie blinked her sleepy eyes and rolled on her belly picking his hat off the floor and putting on her head.
"Do I look good?" she asked him giggling. He cracked a smile looking at the naked girl.
"Yes." He said slapping her bum.
Lacie was warmed by that. But still the nerves were fraying. Ah, well best to get up. Hatter offered to come with, but no. Last thing she needed is to appear like she couldn't go anywhere without him. So she went to a bright red tent.

She could hear bickering from outside. Against her better judgment she called "hello!" "Come in missus Hatter."
"I am not...” she started
"You are." Said a woman who smiled like it hurt.
"You must be Red." Lacie thought better than to argue
"No! I am Heart." She scoffed.
"I am Red" called a soft voice behind Heart. Lacie walked around.
"Please forgive my sister." Red and Heart were Siamese twins.
"You're imaginary," barked Heart.
"Then how come I have a guest?" "Good question." They waited for Lacie to answer.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mr. Blue

The sun painted Wonderlandia's sky and Lacie was still there. Both of them seemed shy and surprised. Lacie blushed at her own thoughts. Lacie loved Hatter's sleeping face. She slipped from bed and out the door the sky was transparent purple still. She'd never been able to explore the circus grounds. Not really. Cat's tent did not count. She was blushing. The first tent she came to was blue. Really bright blue. She stopped. "Come inside," called a soothing voice. "Hello?" Lacie said walking inside. The tent was chaos. "I know who you is so I'm Mr. Blue." The man smiled at Lacie looking at her.
"I'm...” Lacie started to speak. Mr. Blue leapt up. "I said I know. Some fortune teller I'd be. Although I'm off the clock so I'm just me."

"Oh. That's wonderful." Lacie said sitting down. Mr. Blue took a drag off his pipe.
"You think so Lacie?" He asked.

"It must be. I see." Mr. Blue sounded sad.

Lacie reached out and held his free hand. "You could you're between worlds." He said it. She knew it Finally an answer. It still stopped her heart. But confirmation does that. "I am sorry I am too blunt. Hatter says it’s a fault."

Lacie smiled. "It’s okay. He says I'm too soft." Mr. Blue smiled back. Mr. Blue peered down. "I've over spoke, words are stupid."

"No, I've never spent the night, I knew." Lacie smiled. "Most would take the news badly." Blue mused puffing on a pipe.

"Lacie is not most people." Came The Hatter's voice. Mr. Blue grinned. "Come in if you must." He called. Lacie could sense something. Hatter rushed in and sat down. "Now I see." Mr. Blue said his lips smirking.

"See what?” Lacie asked.

"Something special," Mr. Blue spoke calmly. Hatter seemed reassured. "You didn't know hatty man?" "A moment of fear isn't the same as not knowing." Hatter said reaching for Lacie's hand.

"Speaking of, say hello to my wife."

"I will when we see her. She's not taking visitors." Hatter said softly.

"I'm aware, it’s just I think Lacie could be a friend." Mr. Blue smiled. Lacie hated feeling talked about which she was. "What's her name?"

"Red Valentine," Mr. Blue said with a sigh. Red and Blue. It wasn't lost on Lacie. She wondered quietly if Red would be her friend. She never really had a girlfriend before.

"I should get her home. We've got cleaning to do." Hatter said. "You've got something involving kneeling but...” Blue said chuckling. "Tell my wife I love her." Mr. Blue said hugging Lacie. Once they started walking away, Hatter muttered. "She knows you silly man." Lacie liked it when the Hatter held her hand. It made her braver.

"What is she like?" Lacie whispered. "You'll see." Hatter said full on grin. Her face flushed. So many questions.